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      Welcome to the AB/TB/DL Articles page. On this page you will find a collection of articles we have put together that has to do with the AB/TB/DL lifestyle. Our goal is to add a new article ever 6 months or so. Take some time to read through them. If you want to add one of your own or an idea for a future article please e-mail me at Thank you and have a great day.


1) What is an AB/TB/DL

2) What is diaper rash and what does it look like?

3) Diaper 24/7- The Pro's and Con's

4) Reviews of diapers we feel are the best on the internet

5) Getting and hiding diapers (Hints and Tip's)

6) 12 Month Diaper Training Program (To make you start wetting)

7) Manual for Mommies and Daddies of Adult Babies

8) Introduction Of Wearing Diapers
   (For The Newly Incontinent or new to bed wetting)

9) Diaper Waist Extenders
   (How to extend the length of the waist of diapers)
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