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What Is An AB/TB/DL
What is a AB (Adult Baby)?

An Adult Baby is one who wears adult size baby cloths and diapers/nappies and some even talk like a baby. Many AB's find peeing, messing in a nappy brings them back to a safe and calm time. Some find the wearing of the diaper and using it a sexual turn on. AB's also find drinking from a bottle and getting hug/cuddles from a daddy or a mommy and crawling around on the floor and playing with toys makes the feelings of being a baby all that more real. In short, acting and being treated as if they were a real infant/baby. This, As much as people might think has NOTHING to do with real kids or babies.

What is a TB (Teen Baby)?

A Teen Baby is a basically the same as a Adult Baby except they are under the age of 18. They will be classified as an AB once they will go from a TB to an AB when they turn 18. With TB's and having to live at home the lifestyle is kept much more secret. Having to play out their baby fantasy online for the most part. Some TB's are lucky and have the freedom to wear diapers and drink bottles and such. But for most, they can't wait for the freedom of having their own apartment and being able to do what they wanted.

What is A DL ?

A Diaper/Nappy Lover is someone who likes to wear nappies/diapers without a medical need for them. Although sometimes DL's are truly incontinent. DL's also do not dress up like a baby but just loves wearing the nappies/diapers. The feel of them. For some is the security. For others it's for sexual.

What Brings This On?

There are alot of theory's out there about what exactly triggers a person to have these feelings. But there is a very common one that I tend to agree with. It basically says that a person is exposed to diapers (for example, seeing young children who are still in diapers and being doted on) or being babied between the age of 7 and 13.

For some others it's being a bed wetter and being put back in diapers (for some by force, others by choice), for others it's being threatened or punished with diapers and treated like a baby to some degree (put in a crib or a playpen for not acting their age by a mom who was just ticked off that day). But from that point it become hard wired as a interest and will for always be into the lifestyle to some degree. For most AB/DL's wear diapers and acting like a baby is done as a comfort thing or to just plain relax and have fun. But for a few out there, it is found to be a sexual turn on. As I tell everyone who asks about it, ask the person about it instead of just assuming something. After all, you can't learn if you don't ask questions. :)

       For myself, it was a similar experience. I was around 9 and was visiting my grandma's house. I was walking to the store on the corner when I had a messing accident and had to return to her house. She was very nice about it. She took my clothes and put them in the wash and she put a diaper on me. She used to baby sit at the time. I sat in the chair in the living room for almost two hours in the diaper until the laundry was done and then the diaper came off.

       Why a diaper, I am not sure as a towel wrapped around me could have worked. Perhaps she thought I was going to have another accident. Who knows. But that was one incident I think started it for me. The other was when I started bed wetting at 13 and was back in diapers to manage it. Between both incidents I think it was the main trigger for my AB feelings.

       Just about every AB/DL I have talked to have a similar story around diapers. Either having to wear them for medical condition or was punished with diapers for bad grades, not acting their ages, talking back or something else. And it was that time that ingrained this behavior that would surface later in life.

      Which is why I tell parents not to use diapers to punishment. I can't tell you how many AB/DL's I have met who are a product of diaper discipline that sparked their interest in their AB/DL lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being AB/DL. But it's not an easy lifestyle. I would not wish it on those who do not want it (eg: kids who are punished with diapers and babied as a form of punishment).

       I have heard from alot of people not into this lifestyle that they think they believe all AB/DL's are gay. In truth, very few AB/DL's are actually gay. Not that being gay is a bad thing. But the assumption is not correct. Although I am sure alot of people think it would explain alot. But there are many AB/DL's out there with wife's and children.

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