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Mommy's, Daddy's and Baby Sitters
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      Welcome to the Mommy's, Daddy's and Baby Sitters page. The listings below are sorted alphabetically by city name. Good luck on your search and finding the one your searching for. Hopefully you'll be able to make a connection.

The list below will provide all you need to know about finding your perfect Mommy, Daddy or babysitter. Each one is unique and will have certain services to offer. They may provide things like diapers, wipes and blankets or even have special items on hand like essential oil bottles wholesale. 

In other instances you might need to provide your own diapers, wipes, toys and essential oil bottles wholesale if that's what your into to have your perfect experience with you mommy, daddy or babysitter. As we babies know, scents like baby powder or lavender trigger those memories of when we were kids. 

This page was last updated on: March 3, 2021
Miss Lovely 
Age: 37 (As of 2018)
City: Lincoln
E-mail: Mommy8376@gmail.com 
Rates: Flexible rates
Notes: Cuddle mommy. Can be strict if needed. Very comfortable with all baby desires and needs. Can travel or host at her nursery. Nursery colors are set to baby's desires. Pink or yellow for my sissy's and blue and a mix of other colors for my baby boys. Love to change diapers, 1 or 2. Car seat and drive through rides.
Daddy Dennis 
Age: 18 (As of 2014)
City: Omaha
E-mail: shadowmonk13@yahoo.com
Rates: Hour $25, Day $175, Weekend $300
Notes: I come to you and you must have the supplies, but I will do anything to make my babies happy.

Age: 16 (As of 2016)
City: Hanover
E-mail: quinn.renshaw@gmail.com
Rates: Usually free, lets talk about it first though.
Notes: I love changing diapers, I will do most things. Female only pls. I can bring a few stuffed animals.
Daddy/Little Carlos 
Age: 18 (As of 2016)
City: Plymouth
E-mail: papifrito98@gmail.com
Rates: $45 dollars per hour, $150 per day
Notes: My name is Carlos, I am a Daddy and I can be little too. I charge 45$ an hour to be your Daddy. Male or female. I change wet and messy diapers, put you to bed, read books to you, give you spankings, anything you want I will do. Only do meet ups at your house or a hotel. If you want to be my Mommy, I want a dominant Mommy, you can do whatever you want to me, I'm all yours.

Miss Harmony 
Age: 29 (As of 2017)
City: Eatontown
E-mail: QueenHarmony@Hotmail.com
Rates: $100 dollars per hour - less than four hour sessions. $75 dollars per hour - more than four hour sessions. 600 dollars full day session. $400 dollars overnight session
Notes: Hi all, I do babysitting in hotels or baby's home. I can travel to New York and Philadelphia for full day sessions, overnights or weekend sessions. I change both wet and messy diapers, give baths, feedings, read books, take to parks, cuddles and hugs. In other words, you are guaranteed an amazing time under my care.
Sharon Smith 
Age: 39 (As of 2018)
City: Livingston
E-mail: Shasmi911@gmail.com
Rates: Contact me for it.
Notes: I am experienced in babysitting and changing adults. I can travel to larger near-by cities. Available most weekends.
Age: 21 (As of 2016)
City: Roselle Park
E-mail: jsmoore8275@gmail.com
Rates: $15.00 dollars per hour
Notes: New AB/DL Babysitter. Travel is limited, I do not own a car. I work out of client's home (your home). I am available all-day on Tuesday, afternoon on Thursday and all-day on weekends. Due to my low rates, I cannot supply any AB/DL supplies at this time, you will have to supply your own. I am comfortable with diaper changes, dressing, bathing, feeding, playing, snuggling, and story-time. I only work with male AB/DLs under 30 years-old. I may be new to the scene but I enjoy caring for little ones. If you wish to request more information or a meeting, you may email or text me personally. *I would like to stress this again, travel is limited*
Age: 18 (As of 2014)
City: Weehawken (Lincoln Tunnel)
E-mail: jer596@gmail.com
Rates: Rate vary, depending on distance and time. Email for more info, expect low prices!
Notes: At the moment, I only babysit. I do so after classes (all of which end at 12:45pm save Fridays which are open.) Being new to babysitting but VERY interested in it, I offer low prices (or free if you are local and within acceptable walking distances!) All ages, sizes, genders and orientations are very welcome, so long as you indulge in the same fantasy. Will change messy/wet diapers. Cannot provide diapers or clothing at the time.
Miss Ashleigh 
Age: 30 (As of 2017)
City: Central Jersey
E-mail: agnes.acham@yahoo.com
Rates: $50 dollars an hour. 
Notes: Looking to babysit. I change diapers, feed, read books.....
E-mail: ianshulmandogs@yahoo.com 
Rates: it varies
Notes: I only change wet diapers and baby sit for u if you are under 40

Age: 21 (As of 2016)
City: Albany
E-mail: feelslikehome4@gmail.com
Rates: The rates are usually $100.00 per day and $30.00 after the first hour. These rates are highly negotiable and I will accommodate your budget. I am a very considerate when it comes to this, so I am sure we can work around just about anything. Once more, rates will be negotiable and judged upon request. Offering a start up special of 50% off the first hour. Please send " Home" in the e-mail subject line.
Notes: I am able to meet you at a hotel or your own home. I am unable to host at this time though. I am willing to travel 2-3 hours to provide for you. Nonsexual, and all are welcome. However, I can only come to you at this time. Cater to all genders, sizes, and styles. I do provide care for "newborns to toddlers" throughout the week. I must say I do not provide services to teenagers or minors. I am a clean, respectful, and understanding individual when it comes to what you want. I bathe, feed, change, dress, play, snack, cuddle, bottle, story, nap time, nurturing, and other activities! I will change wet and messy as needed! I would prefer you with your own supplies and toys, but I can bring some supplies too and we can figure that out when we talk. Supplies I would have are as follows: regular diapers (your choice on brand and style), GoodNites, Pull-Ups/Easy-Ups, Swaddlers, Cruisers, Little Movers, Slip-Ons (preference to brand will always be followed), Sensitive Diapers, Underjams/Underwear style diapers, Baby Wipes (Sensitive, Baby Fresh, Green Tea/ Other assorted scents depending upon personal preference), Powder, Lotion, Oil, Stuffed Animals, Pacifiers, Soothies, Bottles, Baby Food, Changing Mats, Onesies, Hats (with one/two month stickers for them!), and much more is available as well.  Another word on supplies, it will be completely based on your personal preference and we can talk about it. I have access to all of these, but it will be your decision what I show up with. I have no furniture at this point with the exception of multiple baby blankets, and some clothes as mentioned. I apologize. If you are to contact me, I am sure we can properly suit you together! It never hurts to ask questions, especially with me. Thank you for your time and consideration!
Princess Mommy 
Age: 32 (As of 2014)
City:  Albany
E-mail: princessmommy@gmail.com
Rates: Live a my House-$200 a week/$750 for a month.
Babysitting-$10/hour (wet diapers)/$13/hour (wet and messy diapers)
Potty Training Program-$75/day
Notes: Hi! My name is Carrie but you can call me Princess Mommy! Here are some FAQ.

Q: Do you change diapers?
A: Yes, I change diapers. For live in services I will chang wet and messy diapers as often as you nees. For babysitting, I will do either wet only or wet and messy.

Q: Who do you service?
A: I will do women and men ages 12-20.

Q: Do you have AB furniture and supplies?
A: YES! I have lots. Lists: Furniture: Crib, changing table, highchair, play pen, large baby swing, and AB play center.

Supplies: books, toys, regular diapers, GoodNites, Pull-Ups, Training Pants, night time protect diapers,swadler diapers, underwear diapers, sensitive diapers, wipes, powder, lotion, pacifiers, small potties, changing mats, bottles, baby food, baby dishes, and more!

Q: What is the "Potty Training Program"?
A: The Pooty Training Program is a class that I teach to you personally at your house. I will diaper you and we will learn the potty.
Oliver the Baby Sitter
Age: 22 (As of 2017)
City: Bronx
E-mail: oliverwolfebabysitter@gmail.com
Rates: Willing to negotiate to best fit your price range.
Notes: Professional baby sitter Genderqueer afab (assigned female at birth) grad student looking for baby sitting jobs. I have professional cooking experience and would be more than happy to cook for you (Mickey Mouse Pancakes, cookies, fancy mac and cheese, anything to you'd like). I can travel easily and have a car.
Age: 19 (As of 2016)
City: Bronx
E-mail: guppy1030@aol.com
Rates: E-mail me for rates and information
Meg Harris 
City: Bronx 10463 
E-mail: nycsitter@yahoo.com 
Rates: $50 Per hour, N/A per day, $800 per weekend
Notes: Female sitter, gay and straight babies ok.Is a proffessional.
Babie Johnny 
Age: 54 (As of 2014)
City: Fort Edward
E-mail: ftedscg@yahoo.com
Rates: Contact for rates
Age: 38 (As of 2014)
City: Kingston
E-mail: msheavenly70@gmail.com
Rates: $50.00 per hour or $800.00 for a weekend.
Notes: I am a brand new Mommy so I don't have a set up in my home but would love to come to your home and take very good care of you! I am a warm, caring and nurturing Mommy but can give a spanking when needed! Mommy Heaven will clean you, feed you and play with you. Diapers ok but only # 1 for right now. I live in Kingston NY, and will travel up to an hour. 
Billy Levine
Age: 19 (As of 2015)
City: Long Island
E-mail: Billythekid010189@gmail.com
Rate: Rates are debatable but are fairly cheap so don't be afraid to message if you don't think you can afford. Usually 20 dollars an hour and 100 dollars for seven hours. 
Notes: Hi friends! My names Billy and I'm a strong loving daddy who wants to take care of babies in NY! I only take care of girls so sorry, no boys. I do not own furniture but I do supply diapers and other sorts of smaller AB/DL materials! I change all kinds of diapers so don't be scared to mess your diaper in front of daddy! If anyone has any questions, contact me!
Eugene L Barry Jr 
City: Middletown
Phone: (914) 342-2059 after 7pm 
E-mail: ebarryjr@orn.net 
Rate: $30 per hour, $150 per day, 
Notes: no weekend service available, gay/straight okay, non-professional, male sitter, no AB furnishings, 
Mama Lilly
Age: 18 (As of 2017)
City: New York City 
E-mail: mamalillylovesyou@gmail.com
Rates: Hello, lovely! My rates are $50 dollars an hour including one diaper change. After the first change, I charge $15 dollars per diaper.
Notes: Hi, sweetums! My name is Lilly, an avid mommy looking for her sweet little angel to play with, sing to, rock to sleep, feed, and cuddle with. My rates are fifty dollars ($50) per hour, not including the cost of baby food or formula. If you'd like me feed you, you must provide the funds for me to buy your food. I'm willing to commute to any of the five boroughs as long as your location is accessible by public transportation! I'll change any diaper, no matter how messy, and sing you a diaper song while I do so! I can bring pacifiers if need be. Hope to see you soon, darling!
Mommy Ana 
Age: 28 (As of 2014)
City: New York City
E-mail: emiliaheartdiapers@hotmail.com
Rates: My rates are as follows: $75 an hour, 2 hour minimum, $300 for sleepovers. 21 and over please. For baby boys I prefer 45 and older :)
Notes: Hi Babies, I am an AB Mommy who will cuddle you while you watch your favorite cartoons, play, rock you to sleep, feed you and change my baby's messy or pee pee diapers. I have several years experience and will make my visit a magical time together. I change diapers, no furniture unfortunately.
City: New York City
E-mail: davepamper@yahoo.com 
Rates: (E-mail for rates, none given for ad)
Notes: Id like to diaper my baby, changing dirty diapers.
Strictly Miss Lydia 
City: New York City
E-mail: StrictlyMissLydia@yahoo.com
Website: www.StrictlyMissLydia.com
Rates: Please see site and contact for rates.
Notes: Professional Disciplinarian and Mommy. I change all diapers (wet and messy ones), have many diapers and diaper accessories, toys, nookies, clothing (select sizes and styles), no AB furniture, but I am a creative person! I fully enjoy being a Mommy to AB/DLs and also skilled in disciplining naughty age players.
City: New York City
E-mail: abbyland19@aol.com 
Rate: $30-$50 an hour - $300.00 per day - 4hr minimum. 7 hr per day maximum. 
Notes: Professional Mommy. All AB's welcome to email. Prefer male AB's. Will go to AB's home. Gay/bi/straight/CD/welcome. Weekends can be arranged. Available for full week care. Will travel, but prefer NYC area. 
Daddy Bob 
City: New York City
Phone: (212) 865-9022, not after 9:30 PM 
E-mail: bobdad@webtv.net 
Notes: experienced daddy and I enjoy being a daddy. I give bottles and baths, change wet diapers and do whatever a caring daddy would do. 
Daddy Nick
Age: 19 (As of 2015)
City: Oneonta
E-mail: nderek15@aol.com
Rates: babysitting: 40 an hour (wet) 60 an hour (wet and messy). Minimum of 2 hours. Weekends (300 a day)
Notes: I travel to you, unless you pay for a motel near me. I do not supply dipaers or anything unless being paid for the supplies. I do change diapers! I'm a great caring person who will work with any age below 30 and above 18.
Age: 19 (As of 2018)
City: Queens
E-mail: nycabdlAstoria@gmail.com
Rates: 75 dollars an hour 
Notes: Here at Mommy's Home I have plenty of toys to play with, cooking experience, to make you specialties that can be discussed before hand. 7 Years of daycare  experience, and 6 months of ABDL Daycare experience. All #1's will be changed, gentle and loving environment. Love arts and crafts, long time kids will be making their own personal stuffed animals! I have a daddy that can also help out if male energy is needed. Discipline also available. All inquiries are welcome. Don't be shy kiddo.
City: Sloatsburg 10901 
E-mail: Kevin15776@aol.com 
Rates: $30 per hour, flex. per day,  flex.per weekend.
Notes: Male sitter, Straight babies only.
Mommy Bet 
Age: 34 (As of 2018)
City: Syracuse 
E-mail: lynnbethany32@gmail.com 
Rates: Message me for my rates.
Notes: I am a loving but firm mommy, If you are an adult baby I will play with you, games such as Memory, build toys with Duplo/Lego, learn Nursery Rhymes or play whatever games you have or would like. We can go for walks. I will change you If you wet or mess yourself, You will be cleaned, creamed and powdered, I can potty/toilet train and bathe if necessary. I love giving my babies cuddles and when it's time for them to relax.
Ms. Elena Rochelle 
Age: 44 (As of 2016)
City: Syracuse 
E-mail: mistresselenarochelle@gmail.com 
Rates: $200.00 per hour 
Notes: I have an adult baby blow up crib, a changing table and some baby clothes. I have my own space. I love my adult babies and I think they will find me a caring mother.
Mommy Mila 
Age: 23 (As of 2016)
City: Utica
E-mail: mommymila92@gmail.com
Rates:  I charge $150 for every 2 hours. It goes by $75 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. For diapers I charge more depending on if it store brand or if they are high quality. (Bambino's, DC Amor, Etc.) I also charge an extra $25 for every half hour of bathing. 
Notes: Hello. I am Mommy Mila. I change both wet and messy diapers. (because what Mommy wouldn't???) I supply bottles, wipes, pacifiers, baby powder, and some little girls clothes. I look forward to being your Mommy!  {I live in New York and Go by New York state laws. I cannot mother outside of New York!}  No ABDL furniture yet, but am working on it! 
Age: 27 (As of 2015)
City: Westchester
E-mail: bcacace20@Yahoo.com
Rates: 50-75 dollars per hour
Notes: I have no ab furniture at the moment but I am going to get it and I do change diapers also. 
Alex Quinn 
City: Yonkers 10708 
E-mail: alexq35@hotmail.com 
Rates: $50 per hour, $200 per day, $500 per weekend
Notes: Male sitter, Gay and straight babies ok.
Yorktown Heights
Age: 17 (As of 2014) (Teen TB/DL Parent)
City: Yorktown 
E-mail: greedyboy73@yahoo.com
Rates: contact for prices

Age: 42 (As of 2016)
City: Aberdeen
E-mail: babymama4269@gmail.com
Rates: $150.00 per hour
Notes: I am a Mommy that will take of and nurture you. For a little extra I will do dirty diapers. I come to a play of your choice. E mail for appointments. 
Momma Char/Dazzling Bunny 
Age: 46 (As of 2018)
City: Charlotte
E-mail: fetish4thefellas@yahoo.com
Rates: I charge 50 dollars per hour.
Notes: I am a loving and caring Mommy/Sitter who offers ONLINE ABDL services ONLY!!! We can engage in texting, cam sharing, and emails. If you are looking for more humiliation and dominatrix mommy, my partner is the perfect match for you. Please let me know in your initial email which you prefer. We are both African American women! We both accept Paypal Payments! Since we are only offering online ABDL play, we do not have furniture.
Daddy Stanley
Age: 41 (As of 2014)
City: Durham
E-mail: triangle_sim@yahoo.com
Rates: $20.00 a hour
Notes: I will babysit FEMALE adult babies only. I will bath, free, play with, punish (if asked) and put to bed I change both wet and messy diapers. Anything else is negotiable but may cost more. You supply diapers, gloves, toys, etc. I can provide some of these, but at additional cost. I am very clean, considerate and respectful. Unable to host currently.  I come to your home or hotel. 
Jenny Edward
Age: 35 (As of 2018)
City: Farmville
E-mail: jennyed2233@gmail.com
Rates: Contact me for Rates
Notes: I am a very loving mummy who will fulfill all adult baby needs. I will feed you, bathe you, give you a bottle as I as cuddle you and love you unconditionally. I only change wet nappies but I will clean and pamper your bottom with lotion, talc and a soft terry nappy or disposable nappy. I have a fully equipped nursery with a cot, playmate, mobiles, changing unit, toys, and lots of adult baby clothes and accessories.
Age: 29 (As of 2018)
City: Greensboro
E-mail: jazzijc@gmail.com
Rates: Hi I charge $1.50 a minute or $25.00 hour for phone calls. If you would like to talk about your day or to talk to you Like a baby. $85.00 for 4 hours of mommy and me time 500.00 for 12 hours of mommy and me time. Cooking and cleaning included with any mommy and me time over $85.00. $50.00 hr for play dates NON SEXUAL!!! I'M OPEN FOR NEGOTIATING AND MUST BE AT YOUR PLACE OR HOTEL
Notes: I change diapers pee is free but number 2 is 80 per Diaper cash app or cash only.
Age: 40 (As of 2014)
City: Raleigh
E-mail: Anyad67nc@yahoo.com
Rates: Open, depending on the services provided.
Notes: Non sexual. I have taken care of other Adult Babies in the past. I have no furniture, respectivly, I would assume the AB has their own toys, diapers, props etc. I do feed, change diapers, bathe.. I am not into AB's that are overly extreme.

Age: 21 (As of 2016)
City: Norman
E-mail: i.stowe@yahoo.com
Rates: 35.00 dollars an Hour - negotiable 
Notes: Must select amount of hours and pay before hand. I do provide some abdl clothing. Diapers and diaper changes. No furnishings but I will provide a wonder experience.
Mommy Lillith
Age: 30 (As of 2018)
City: Oklahoma City
E-mail: madamerotic@gmail.com
Rates: $2.50 per minute for voice/phone, $2.00 per minute for texting, and $3.00 per minute for cam to cam. $2.50 per minute for voice/phone training, $2.00 dollars per minute for texting sessions and $3.00 dollars per minute for cam to cam sessions. 
Notes: Website: www.mommymistress.com Twitter: @abmommylillith or @mistresslillith An experienced AB/DL Mommy that is looking to take adult babies and diaper lovers to the next level through distance training (via phone, cam, or text). Experience incontinence and unpotty training and allow yourself to be pushed to your limits to experience the ABDL Lifestyle/fetish you've always wanted. I am a premium Mommy and I do not offer my services without a fee. Discreetly Billed.

Mommy Sabrina 
Age: 32 (As of 2015)
City: Brookfield
E-mail: phoneamommysabrina@yahoo.com
Rates: My Cost are as follows: Diapering: 40 Dollars per hour, Humiliation: 40 Dollars per hour, Domination: 75 Dollars per hour.
Notes: I am a very experienced mommy and do all AB/DL fetishes
Mommy Gerty
Age: 44 (As of 2016)
City: Cincinnati
E-mail: cwalling42@gmail.com
Rates: 100.00 dollars an hour.
Notes: I will change diapers, do feedings, play with and read to you, bathe you, cuddle you and rock you to sleep. I am a Mommy to little girls and boys of any age. Babying is done at your place.
Daddy Hawke
Age: 35 (As of 2015)
City: Cincinnati
E-mail: alexhawke3@gmail.com
Rates: All rates are negotiable, it all depends on what the baby is looking for. Schedule varies, 
Notes: All sitting done in your home or location provided by you (may help with costs if we must rent). I will do anything a baby needs. Please female babies only.
Amber Liann
Age: 20 (As of 2014)
City: Cincinnati
E-mail: winter.amber@rocketmail.com
Rates: $50-$150/hr. Day and weekend rates negotiable.
Notes: Professional mommy. Will play, change, bathe, feed, nurture, and provide with anything a baby needs! Love to read bed time stories and play with blocks. :) 
Daddy Kevin 
City: Cincinnati 
E-mail: your.baby2727@yahoo.com 
Rates: $75.00 hour for standered baby care, $150.00 for over the top experience
Notes: Female baby only. Will be at your your home or hotel. I care for sub and other. I have been traind as dom by a dom by being a live-in sub for many years and can make you have one of the best experience of your life. Please e-mail me for times and dates. Thank you baby's.
John Talon 
City: Cincinnati (OH_KY_IN) 
E-mail: talonk@hotmail.com 
Rates: Rate negotiable. 
Notes: In your house Babysitting for little girls
Daddy Scott 
Age: 38  (As of 2017)
City: Cleveland 
E-mail: tothm500@gmail.com
Rates: $20.00 dollars per hour.
Notes: I do not have furniture. Must bring own supplies. I do diaper changes wet or messy at no extra charge. All aspects of abdl played out. Open for male or female sitting, no weekends or overnights. 
Age: 29  (As of 2016)
City: Cleveland 
E-mail: mbmachine28@yahoo.com
Notes: I change diapers wet and messy preferable girls. I have ABU diapers, adult pacifier, adult baby bottles. Offer punishment if requested enema, laxative, or suppository treatment. Have baby powder, lotion.
Lady Jayne 
City: Cleveland 44142 
E-mail: Symplyjayn@aol.com
Phone: 216-431-4348 M-F, 10am-6pm 
Rates: Neg. Per hour, Neg. per day, N/A per weekend
Notes: Male/female sitter, Gay and straight babies ok, has some baby furnature. 
Age: 35 (As of 2019)
City: Columbus
E-mail: jane_q@aol.com
Rates: Contact for rates
Notes: will love and fulfill all adult baby needs. I will feed you, bathe you, give you a bottle as I as cuddle you and love you unconditionally. I change wet and messy nappies,will clean and pamper your bottom with lotion, talc and a soft terry nappy or disposable nappy. I have a fully equipped nursery with a cot, play mats, changing unit, toys, and lots of adult baby clothes and accessories.
Daddy B
Age: 22 (As of 2016)
City: Hubbard
E-mail: TheHouston14@gmail.com
Rates: I charge fifteen an hour if you use your own supplies. Twenty an hour if I supply the diapers and everything.
Notes: I am a brand new Daddy. I've been into this for years now. I'd like to take care of a baby girl. I will change wet diapers but not messy ones. I would prefer a girl into baby diapers over adult ones but either will work. I would also be into switching where we was both babies or I was the baby and she was the Mommy for half price. Please contact me for more information. I'd love to hear from you.
Age: 16 (As of 2016)
City: Jackson
E-mail: Volslife31@gmail.com
Rates: Free
Notes: Kik roleplay only. My kik is XxLil_MommaxX
Age: 40 (As of 2014)
City: Pickerington
E-mail: loveylady57@yahoo.com
Rates: Monday and Saturday 11am - 2pm. $100 per hour
Notes: Change diapers, give bath, feed and read books.
Mommy Lisa 
City: NE Ohio
E-mail: textamommy@gmail.com
Site: http://mommylisa.megabyet.net/
Rates: Text Mommy Lisa: You'll pay a flat fee of $99 per month. If you sign up for 3 month you only pay $249. 
Notes: Please see the FAQ for answers to any questions you might have. You can sign-up and pay here. Once you've paid I will send you a text message to the number you provided with all the details. A couple of days before your "subscription" is up I will let you know and ask if you'd like to renew. If you decide not to, your spot will go to the next person on the waiting list (I only have a certain number of babies each month that I text to make sure everyone gets my undevided attention!).

Chat with Mommy Lisa: 
$10 for every 15 Minutes. Please see the FAQ for answers to any questions you might have. You can sign-up and pay here. Once you've paid and give me a few options with times available to you, I will email you within 24 hours and let you know all the details e.g. my chat username and date/time.

Video-Chat with Mommy Lisa: 
$15 for every 15 Minutes. Please see the FAQ for answers to any questions you might have. You can sign-up and pay here. Once you've paid and give me a few options with times available to you, I will email you within 24 hours and let you know all the details e.g. my chat username and date/time.

Daddy Karl
Age: 30 (As of 2019)
City: Corvallis
E-mail: karl.e.swanson@gmail.com
Rates: I charge $50 dollars an hour with 10 hour minimum. I also require my adult babies to be in diapers during the session, but I will change your wet and messy diapers with no limit. Email me for further inquiries.
Notes: I don't have furniture or abdl equipment. I change wet and messy diapers and take temperature the old fashioned way. I come to you to care for you like a baby. I will care for male and female adult babies.
Age: 30 (As of 2014)
City: Portland
E-mail: MamaCassPDX@gmail.com
Rates: $200/hr $1000/day(8hrs) $2000/overnight
Notes: Are you an AB parent needing care for your little one? Maybe an AB just looking for some loving attention? I am the person for you! I am available to come to your home or location. I love to change wet diapers, but not dirty ones. All genders and orientations are welcome.

**As I have recently relocated, you must supply diapers and other supplies. Once I get settled, this will change. All rates include wet diaper changes, bath time, feeding, and play time/nap time.
Age: 21 (As of 2014)
City: Redmond
E-mail: alband3000@gmail.com
Rates: Contact for rates.
Notes: I will take care of baby but I cannot do it at my house.


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