So, you heard or saw that I did another episode about infantilism (Adult Babies)? Yep, you heard right, I did do another episode about it, this time for a show in Japan called "Sunday Familia" which showcases interesting people from around the world. I was one of them. And if you would like to see the episode that aired January 17th 2016 you can see it on youtube here:
The video is about 15 minutes long. Sadly it's in Japanese but when I can find someone to translate it I will post what's said during the episode. Till then this is all I have. 

As for the show details of the show, in early December 2015 I got a e-mail from a film company in Japan who wished to have me take part in a show about surprising people from around the world. I would be one of 5 people on the 2 hour special. 

         They explained they didn't want to do a episode just about my role playing. It's been done twice now. They said they wanted to go into what caused me to become a adult baby (AB). What made me get into this. They said they would film with me and then once back in Japan they would get actors to do a few re-creations of events from my past that caused me to become a AB. 

        The first day I met the crew was December 13th 2015. They arrived a little after 7pm so I could have a chance to meet the crew and the crew to meet me. And to get a look around the house to see where they wanted to put camera's and lighting at. Then they went to the hotel for the night. 

        But not before giving me the information to my mom and her boyfriend about their hotel room. I don't own this apartment. When Sandra died I was going to be homeless living out of my minivan. So my mom offered me to rent a room out of her two bedroom apartment she and her boyfriend share. 

       When the filming came up my mom and boyfriend didn't feel comfortable about being in the house during filming and said they didn't want to be here during the filming or even meet the film crew. They wanted nothing to do with the filming or the crew and wanted a hotel room either paid for by the film crew or by me. So the director arranged to get them a hotel room for the 3 days they were here so my mom and her boyfriend don't have to be here or deal with my AB side. My mom and her boyfriend of course know I am AB, but they don't want to be around it. When they are here I keep all my role play to my room. 

        Anyway on December 14th 2015 we began officially filming at 8am. They picked me up and we headed over to my storage unit across town to pick up the high chair and playpen. I can't have it here for lack of room in my bedroom for it. So when I am not using it at the time it's kept at the storage unit. Same with the playpen. Since losing my old apartment I had with Sandra I now rent a 10X12 foot bedroom with a small walk in closet. So the space is small when a room has to be bedroom, living room and kitchen all in one. 

        We came back and they dropped me off and went back to the hotel to pick up sitter Vicki. She was hired to come out and film with me as a baby sitter. I have a AB Mommy (Mommy Sofia) who lives near Calgary Canada and my AB Daddy (Daddy Elias) who near Buffalo New York. I live in California so it's far too much of a distance to be able to see them in person. 

        The show wanted to film with one of them. Mommy couldn't do it as she couldn't leave the family. And Daddy wanted to come for it but the film crew couldn't lock down a film date in time for Daddy to have the required two weeks to get time off. So sadly he couldn't get the time off when we got the film date finalized. So the solution was to have Sitter Vicki come who lives in Texas to come and baby me as if Mommy and Daddy were at work or something. Daddy was very disappointed, he really wanted to come out and do the show with me. 

      So anyway the film crew arrived with sitter Vicki and we began filming. We started by the director coming to the door and having Vicki greet him to the house and invite him in. It would later be joined with another clip of him walking down the block to my house which would be filmed later since we wanted to film as much as we could now while Vicki was here. 

       After they filmed Vicki inviting the producer in they filming me, Vicki and the producer playing on the floor with building blocks with me in my snap crotch onesie. I made some towers and the Director sat across from me and we built towers and stuff while he asked questions to me and Vicki. 

        Then we cleaned up and did some light house work to show some of my adult side stuff. Vicki and I got rags and found a spot by the TV with some dust I missed when I cleaned up for the visit and they filmed us "chasing the dust bunnies" while Vicki was explaining how she used to make cleaning up a game with her kids and how the game was to chase the dust bunnies. However in the show this scene was cut out due to time limits.

        After that I took a break while they filmed Vicki cooking spegetti and meatballs in the kitchen. The filmed her putting the noodles in the pot, putting the ready made meat balls on the baking sheet and putting them in the oven and heating up the sauce. In the end for the show that was edited down to show just making the noodles and sauce. The meatballs in it was good though. Have to get those again. 

        Once the food was made the producer got the high chair in place. They did all the moving and setting up to save on my back which I was happy for. On the other shows I needed to take a lot of extra meds to cope with the pain of filming and such. And in this episode with the crew doing so much I didn't really need all that much extra meds. 

        Once the high chair was set up we filmed me getting in it and Vicki putting on my bib and I colored while the food was finishing cooking. So they filmed me coloring the coloring books. And I was being a typical toddler and pushed the book off the high chair table onto the floor. I did it twice more and Vicki was saying if I did it again I couldn't color no more. It was a funny scene. Sad to see it didn't make it into the episode. 

       With the food done the coloring was put away and Vicki brought in the spegetti and spoon fed me some. She even gave spoon fed a bite to the producer who was standing on the other side of the high chair filming with his handicam. 

       Once the food was done we filmed Vicki helping me out of the chair and then having a bottle of strawberry milk in a bottle on the sofa. The producer asked Vicki some questions during it. 

        Then we went to my room and filmed the waking up and then going to bed scenes. This is where she tucked me in for bed and then where she came in to wake me up for the day and helped me out of the crib where I was then taken into the living room and she helped me out of my sleeper and they filmed me sitting in the living room watching my cartoons. I just LOVE Disney Jr the channel. And my favorite show is Handy Manny. I have all 116 episodes on my DVR and my Daddy even got me the Handy Manny doll from the Disney Jr store online for Christmas. :) 

         By this time it was close to noon and time for the film crew to take Vicki back to the airport for her flight back home. So it gave me a hour to change my diaper while they dropped her off and stopped and brought back lunch from Subway. 

         After we ate they went to film a scene outside that's supposed to be their arrival to my house. The camera guy filmed the producer walking down my block toward my house. I just asked that they not film my actual house or address since I didn't want people to just show up or have people who were not happy with me being a AB to come to my house and cause problems. So he made sure to film on a neighboring block as if he was walking toward my house to meet me for the first time. 

       Once they were done filming the producer walking down the block they came back in and we filmed a few other scenes that was supposed to go to show my adult side. So people can see my role playing isn't my whole life. So we filmed me going into my room wearing my onesie and then coming out wearing adult clothing. He asked me basically "so your not dressed as a baby anymore, and not talking in a baby talk or voice". I explained "No, I only dress and talk as a baby when I am role playing which is about 1-3 hours a day. The rest of the day I dress and act like any other adult". 

        Then we filmed me feeding the cats their food again as part of showing my adult side when I am not role playing. And then filmed me vacumming the living room. They filmed me taking my medications and asked what they were for as well. So I shared I took 4 for the pain (Methadone 10mg, Vicodin/Norco 5/325mg, 10mg Flexiril and a 10mg Baclofen taken every 6 hours) and shared I take the 10mg Ritalin for the ADHD twice a day, my thiroid med which is slowly helping me lose the weird as I have hypothyroidism and that I use a inhaler for the asthma and the oxygen concentrator at night.  Sadly all three scenes were cut from the show due to time constraints.

       By this time it was getting late so the crew decided to call it a night. I went right to bed as I was exhausted. I normally sleep about 12 hours a day due to my heart and also from lack of sleep from nightmares keeping me up. I sleep in 6 hours shifts. 6 hours awake and 6 hours asleep. Out of each 6 hours I "sleep" I actually only get on average 2 hours of sleep out it even though I am often exhausted. So missing my nap from filming I was happy to finally lay down and get some rest. 

       The film crew arrived at 8am the next morning to start filming. Since both Mommy Sofia and Daddy Elias had to go to work we sat down to film with them. The idea was to include a skype call with them as it's something I do daily as part of my role playing and to include and introduce them in the episode before they both had to leave for work. So since all of Daddy's family know he's a Daddy he was fine with being on video camera. But for Mommy none of her family nor her kids know she's a Mommy. 

        So I had Daddy's video call at the top of the screen and Mommy's skype chat window below that and so was talking to both of them at the same time and they were filming us. Daddy even read a book for the scene called the Hungry Catapillar and was showing the pictures to the camera. But to me, Mommy and Daddy's sadness this scene never made it into the episode. I felt REALLY bad because Mommy Sofia and Daddy Elias are a rather large part of my life. So to not have them encluded was very sad. 

       After talking with Mommy and Daddy on skype we moved back to the living room and filmed me sitting on the sofa doing one of two interviews. In this one it was about my role playing. How I got into it, what I like to do and such. 

        By now it was noon and we were getting ready to go get the rental car. They wanted to film me driving to the store to shop for food as one of the scenes. So we headed over to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. We would have filmed with me driving my minivan but it's currently broken. I have a exhaust leak and a transmission issue that needs fixing so I am trying to save up the money to get it done. So till then it's sitting at a storage unit place where I have my storage unit since I couldn't get it registered due to the issues.

       We arrived at the rent a car place to find out they wouldn't rent us the car. One of the issues is they needed proof of my address. A utility bill or something. Problem is I don't own the apartment, I just rent a room so my name isn't on any of the utilities. And the second issue is they wanted me to have car insurance which didn't make sense. I am renting a car because I don't have one. Why would I have car insurance when I don't have a car? In the end they refused to rent us a car. So we came back to my house after stopping at Subway for lunch to bring home. 

         After I had lunch and relaxed we finally headed over to the supermarket to film me doing one of my food shopping trips. Since we didn't have the rental car they filmed me in their car on the way to the store. However the ride there didn't make it in the episode. But some of me shopping in the store was in the episode. I was surprised when I got to the check out counter and the producer paid for the bill. Which I was thankful for. I had no idea that particular store was so expensive. 

        The bill came to just under 300.00. I could have gotten everything at my regular store for around 120.00 dollars. Everything at this store when I saw it ring up was 2-3 times what I pay for it elsewhere. I mean the single serving container of straberry milk is normally 99 cents where I shop, there it was 1.99 each. So I was glad I didn't have to foot the bill or I would have had to put much of it back because I couldn't have afforded it. 

         Once we got back from the store the film crew helped me put everything away and then we filmed the final scenes of me working on my site which they showed some of with me showing them all the countries AB's are in on my site's Friend Finder Directory

         And then I sat down for the final interview. In the interview we focused more on the details of the abuse and bed wetting that got me into being a AB so they could do the recreations of incidents that caused me to become AB. So I discussed the first hospital stay which resulted in the PTSD, about the abuse at the special education schools which also two incidents with a me defending myself from a bully resulted in me being accused of beating up the student because the teacher only saw me hitting back and didn't see him hit me first. So I was hospitalized in the psych ward over the incidents. 

        And I shared details about how my dad was physically abusive had gotten worse after the divorce and how he had began drinking and would hit me and my brother. And how one day he found my diapers I was using for bed wetting and called me into the living and yelled at me "I am NOT raising another fucking baby". He threw the diaper in the kitchen trash and sent me to  my room. 

       So the director was asking how my bed wetting started so I shared how between the first hospital stay, then being sent to the special education schools where I was being abused and then my dad being abusive at home was the cause of my bed wetting starting. 

        Then I shared how at first in the mornings I woke up wet I would put the sheets and such in the washer and dryer (which was in the kitchen) and ran a load of laundry before the school bus arrived so by the time I went to school my bed was back to how it should be. But in the episode they have me washing my sheet in the bathroom sink. But I understand they are limited as to what they can film but they got the point across that I was bed wetting and hiding the wetting. 

       After a few weeks of wetting I was in the 99 cent store getting a soda when I happened to go down the baby isle this time. I was walking past the diapers (4 for a dollar) and after all the laundry and how long it took to clean up a wetting having to do laundry I decided to give the diapers a try since it would be MUCH faster to just toss a diaper than have to do a load of laundry and dry the wet spot. 

       Soon I was diapering up to go to bed and laying in bed feeling the diaper I would wonder if this is how a baby felt. And was thinking about how nice it would be to just be a baby again. Safe, protected, loved. Wouldn't be getting hit, wouldn't be going to school and being abused by staff or beat up by the bullies. So when I laid down I would close my eyes and pretend I was a baby who had just been put to bed in my crib by my loving family. 

       The next time I was at the dollar store to get more diapers I wondered what it would be like to suck on a pacifier and use a baby bottle. So got a paci and baby bottle and brought them home. That weekend I had the house to myself. My dad was working and my brother took off to hang out at his friends house. So I locked the front door (handle and dead bolt so if anyone came home them having to unlock both locks would buy me enough time to get up and run to my room). 

       I would get into just the diaper and t-shirt, put on toddler cartoons (Seaseme Street and Barney were popular then) and would suck on my pacifier or drink some milk from the baby bottle and imagine I was a toddler. I was hooked. After the interview was over they filmed the scene of the producer leaving and me going to bed which is me getting in the crib in my diaper and t-shirt toward the middle of my segment. Then the film crew packed up and left back for Japan. 

        As for the episode itself I can finally comment now having seen it. Although with it being in Japanese I still am waiting to have the words translated to english so I know what's being said. But I can at least share thoughts and details based on just the scenes. The first part with Vicki and the scenes filmed in my house you now know from above what all was filmed and what did and didn't make it into the episode. 

        With the re-enactments filmed in Japan I wanted to fill in some information, explain some things and give some details so you understand what your seeing better. The re-enactments got most of the incidents pretty close to how it happened. With the school and hospital scene it's pretty close. 

        The deal with the egg in the scene of me in class, this is a story I was told by my mom as to why I was admitted to the psych ward following the incident. I have no clue if it's true because I have no knowledge of the incident. The day it happened I have no memory of the egg incident or anything of the 10 years before it (I was 10 when this happened - November 23rd 1990). My memory of my life starts with me waking up around 2:30pm with me sitting in a chair in the school office with no memory of ANYTHING before it. I looked over to see my mom and dad in the office with the principle but had no idea why. 

       My mom and dad came out of the principles office and we walked out to my dad's car. My parents drove me to the psych ward (Charter Oak Hospital in Covina California). Once in the parking lot my mom leans over to look at me in the back seat and tells me "When you see the nurse you tell them your suicidal". Back then I didn't know what that word meant, but I did as I was told. I wish to hell I hadn't said it.
       So the story I was told about the egg was I took a plastic Easter egg to school with two marbles in it to school and said it was a bomb. I was never violent or anything so I imagine it was in a playful kid way and the school took it serious. I honestly can't say as I have zero memory of it, just waking up in the school office after the event. 

        Anyway, I was admitted to the psych ward for a week where the staff punished me using the solitary room. The first time was my second day there when I was put in solitary for 20 minutes for me and this kid having a argument. It's the first time I have experienced anything like it. The room has tan leather padded walls and it's so silent you can hear your heart beat. There is a bed bolted down to the center of the room. No clock to see how long you have been in there and because they don't tell you how long your to stay in there you wonder when your going to get out. Minutes soon feel like hours. 

        For me, it was traumatic and once out I never wanted to be back in there EVER again for as long as I lived. It was abusive because the solitary room policy for psych wards in the US is that they are ONLY to be used to place someone in the room if they are being a immediate risk to themself such as trying to hurt themselves or others such as hitting or attacking someone. NOT to be used as a form of punishment for anything. And that as soon as the patient is calm they are supposed to be let out. Not be left in there till the staff member feels they have had enough. I actually made a short video which was a walkthrough of the hospital which is here:

       The second time I was put in the room was 3 days into the stay on Thanksgiving. I hadn't had any contact with my family since I was dropped off. My mom walked me to the childrens unit the day I was dropped off, passed me to the staff member at the locked door and then left. She didn't call or even visit till Thanksgiving. 

        That morning I was told I was being picked up for Thanksgiving so I could have Thanksgiving with my family. But they didn't say when my mom would be there to get me. I waited all day. Soon it was 6pm and I thought my mom had just forgotten about me. So I ate dinner with the other patients who didn't go home on a day pass to eat with their family. A half hour into my meal a aide came to tell me my mom was there for me. 

       Long story short I got to leave the hospital for just two hours before I was brought back and dropped off. I felt like a rent-a-child and was very depressed and upset. I wanted to go home. I didn't want to go back to that place. I was walked over to the gym to meet up with the other kids who were playing basketball. I didn't feel up to  playing so I was on the side line watching. The staff member came over and told me if I didn't feel up to playing I could go back to the unit if I wanted. So I said yea, let me go back to the unit. I figured I could take a shower and maybe have a good cry or something.

        I was walked back over by a female staff member. Once on the unit I took two steps toward my room at the end of the hall when the nurse reached out and grabbed me by my upper left arm and began dragging me toward the solitary rooms. I didn't understand why I was being put in solitary. I didn't do anything wrong. I began crying and trying to pull away begging not to be put back in there. She yanked me toward the room, pushed me into the room, told me I would have to remain in solitary till the othe kids got back for refusing to take part in the gym and then closed and locked the door. 

      But when she put me in the room she didn't tell me I would be in there for a hour and a half which is when the kids finally came back. When she shut the door, she locked the dead bolt and slid the 3 slid lock barral locks at the top, middle and bottom of the door closed (a bit overkill on the locks for a 10 year old) and walked away. I was in there and had no idea when I would be let out. I banged on the door begging to be let out and crying. She never came back till it was time to finally let me out.

       The last time I was put in the room was the 5th of 7 days I was in there.  It was near the evening and I was in my room crying home sick. I wanted to be out of that place. Anywhere else but there. When I managed to calm down to where I wasn't crying and I walked down to the nurses station to ask if I could call my mom. The nurse totally ignored me. I asked nicely again. Still ignored me. I was now starting to cry and was begging her to please let me call home. I hadn't realized it but upset I had stepped one of my feet over the red duck tape line on the floor. 

       THAT she responded to. Without a word she quickly got up and started walking toward me. Afraid at her pace I backed up. She reached out, grabbed my arm and began pulling me toward solitary. She put me in the room and slammed the door and locked the 4 locks and walked away. I was now totally broken down and was crying hard begging to be let out. I was banging my hand on the little glass window yelling to be let out. 

       She walked over and yelled through the window that if I banged on the window again I would be put in restraints and she walked away. I didn't know what restraints were but it wasn't hard to tell it was a threat and the room was traumatic enough that I had no desire to find out what restraints were too. 

     I walked over to the corner of the room, sat on my butt with my knees pulled up to my chest and just cried so hard. I just wanted to die. It's one of the few times I have cried so hard  and felt so bad in my life. I was in the room for two hours before I was finally let out and told it was bed time and to go to my room and go to bed. Still no phone call or anyone to talk to me about how I was feeling or even why I was denied the phone call. Just cold hearted staff. 

     So in the re-enactment, your seeing what is supposed to be the egg at school incident which they had to kind of make up what took place with that since I have no memory of it. And then they are showing the 3rd solitary room incident from that hospital stay at Charter Oak. 

     In the next re-enactment it's of about 3 years later when I am 13. My parents had divorced a year prior and my dad had custody of me and my brother who is 3 years younger than me. With the move I was taken from the special education school I was doing pretty good at and was enjoying and since I was back in the Baldwin Park area I was again transfered to Sunflower in Glendora which is the school I was sent to following being hospitalized after the egg incident. 

      Sunflower Elementary school was the school where the staff were abusing me and bullies were beating me up in the bathroom, putting my head in the toilet and picking me up and putting me upside down in the 33 gallon bathroom trash can. But the teachers said they couldn't do anything about the bullies hurting me unless they saw it happen with their own eyes. And the bullies knowing this would make sure to beat me up when the teacher wasn't looking. And since the teacher was female she couldn't go in the boys bathroom and the bullie took advantage of this. 

       Anyway, between the divorce, the move, going back to a school I was abused at before and still dealing with the PTSD nightmares and flashbacks of my time at the psych ward, and my dad now drinking and being abusive I had began wetting the bed. So the re-enactment is showing him drinking and being abusive and me cowering on the floor waiting for him to stop hitting me. Though in the re-enactment it showed him kicking me when it was actually hitting with his hands. But re-enactments are not perfect. 

       The next re-enactment is of the bed wetting happening prior to the diaper use. So they show the then 13 year old me waking up day after day wet and trying to clean up the evidence of the bed wetting. In the re-enactment it shows me cleaning the sheets in the sink. But in reality it was the washing machine as I mentioned above. 

       Then they show my actor at the dollar store deciding to buy the diapers. But a glitch is in the store he's buying diapers, but later they have him putting on Goodnites type pull ups. Eh, close enough. And then they show my actor diapered in bed imagining I am a baby and that I am safe and loved and protected.

       Then they show my actor acting out the day I decided to get the pacifier and baby bottle as I was enjoying imaging being a baby in bed at night that I was wondering if other baby items like a pacifier and baby bottle would be like. And that weekend when I had the house to myself to try out being a two year old toddler for the first time using the new pacifier and baby bottle. Having me in a diaper and t-shirt on the sofa trying out the pacifier and then baby bottle and finding I enjoy it and then laying on the sofa enjoying the bottle while watching cartoons which is more or less how that one day trying out these items happened all those years ago in 1993. 

       After that experience that day I was hooked on role playing as a toddler. I loved it and was officially a Teen Baby for life. I used the role playing from then on to cope with needing diapers for the bed wetting as well as to cope with the abuse at school, by my dad, and then the memories of the abuse at the psych ward in 1990. Though seeing my actor acting out my role playing was a bit funny to see. Wonder if he might get into being a TB? Hehe Seriously though, I have some very fond memories of my TB role playing. I was super skinny and could still fit in baby diapers so I could look the part. And could fit in a stroller and stuff too. Sadly you can't stay small and skinny forever. :)

      Some have wished to know what's being said during the episode. A friend gave me a partial translation. Here's what he gave me which is in the color green below:

"title card: A man who's very like a baby. 

Opening scene with baby: Baby's have a soft and splendid life. But what if an adult wanted to go back to that life?! We traveled to Redding to find out what this life would be like. 

Intro of the babysitter: Vickie who's come from Japan, and welcomes the guy visiting along with the camera. 

Walking in: "ah he's in the middle of his midday nap."

Stanley's intro is just them repeating that he's 35 and like a baby.

Questions: What sort of lifstyle does he have, what sort of job, and how is he like a baby?

They name the plushie, which I think is Puppy (I couldn't tell if they were saying the name or the type here). Then the babysitter asks if they want to go play. 

they mention he wears diapers.

They explain that he's being fed like a baby and highlight that he likes strawberry milk. Then highlight him playing with the visitor and building a nice whatever that is they were building.

The woman explains that she's not a mother, she just acts like one and that while Stanley acts like he's 2 years old, he's not in fact 2 years old (kinda weird that they spelled this out, but whatever). 

(gonna skip a bit if they're not saying anything interesting). They're playing and then talk about the giant high chair and they say something costs ~$100 but I don't know if they mean the chair or something else, which people are surprised about. They comment that he's being fed lunch like a baby, pretty repetitive actually. 

He changes clothes and they're like "wow, he's totally changed" (much surprise). They translate something about his actual childhood, but I can't read the characters, then advertisement break.

Back from the ad, they say that Stanley, born in 1980, had really strict parents. They mention his brother, but I don't understand what the comparison is. Something about how they were treated when one of them was 3, but they step up the difficulty of the grammar and vocabulary here. 

Then it describes when he was 10, he pretended to have a bomb inside an egg, which was actually m&ms, and got in serious trouble for it, involving his parents. They show the mother apologizing and the teacher and mother suggesting the parents weren't strict enough, then Stanley leaves the room, they say he doesn't know what was said, but then they go the hospital instead of home. 

The hospital description is about the loneliness of the mother separating from him and leaving him there, then being locked in a ward there for 6 hours. 

You can hear the English in the next part, but basically says he doesn't really know why the parents did that, and then the big PTSD flashes on screen, which is pretty obvious. 

The next part is just a translation of what's happening on screen. Drunk father and abuse, I'll leave it at that. 

Then they get into the bedwetting, noting that he was under a lot of stress, thought at first it was just too much water, but then happened again the next day. It explains him having to wash the sheets, then finding diapers and that he was embarrassed, but less so than the annoyance of having to wash the sheets all the time, so he endured wearing them. 

They quote Stanley explaining that he slept incredibly well diapered and had a feeling of being young and...I'm not sure the exact word they use, I'd translate it variously as safe or relaxed. 

Then they narrate the bottle and pacifier and quote Stanley saying that while he thought it was strange, it allowed him to relax. Goes on about this for a bit.

Then they switch to talking to the woman who says they're called adult babies. She explains that it's important for them to maintain the unique balance of their hearts (literal translation there, it's sort of like saying spiritual balance). She says it's equivalent to people who exercise or drink when they're stressed. In other words, it's necessary to maintain their balance. There's some mention of the community as well to do activities together with (not sure if they mean other ABDLs or caregivers there). The woman says one must be gentle and treat ABs kindly like a mother (I'm paraphrasing)

It explains a bit about Stanley's site (I think it flashes the number of hits) and quotes Stanley explaining that it includes the term adult, not just baby.

The ending is sort of hard to translate literally. I'd say it says something like "Our hearts are moved to meet someone whose heart is the heart of a child." (literally, "our hearts, the same time are again to return to starting life over meeting," which is nonsense translated as shown). And that's it."

      Well, that's the details of the episode's filming and details behind the re-enactments. I included below here some pictures taken during the filming. I hope this article has been helpful and I thank you for watching the episode and taking time to read this rather long article to learn all the details. If you wish to read about all the events in my life including those from in the show your welcome to read my biography which is located by clicking "HERE". Below are some pictures taken during the filming. If you wish to see the full 40 pictures your welcome to view them on my Facebook page by clicking "HERE". Enjoy and take care. :) 

      -Stanley Thornton

Article Written On: January 19th 2016.