Friday, 9/19/03, 10:42 AM
    I stopped wearing nappies/diapers at night when I was 7, but still wet the bed until I was 15. I got so used to wearing them, I can't sleep at night without them now. At 22 I still wear plastic underpants with size 6 pampers. I luv it I feel so much more relaxed. Glad to know I'm not the only one.
From: UK


Saturday, 9/13/03, 1:34 PM
    Hello this is an awesome site to go along with the awesome site  builder. I am a Mommy in St. Petersburg, FL I am open to all ABs/DLs/CDs/Gay or Bi or dissability. Please look my site over, and feel free to ask me anything. Thank You.............Love To \Your Face MommyJane
From: St. Petersburg, FL
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baby chas
Tuesday, 9/2/03, 3:06 PM
    i like cloth dry diapers and hope all my baby friends have tried them
From: canada
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