Wednesday, October 10, 2018 6:19PM

Hey dude! just wanted to stop by and say 'HI' I know I kind of dropped out of site for a while...family problems and harassment etc...ugh! Not fun...anyways, if you can pass it around to anyone who remembers me that I am still alive and say "HI!" that would be awesome. I can't use any of my old stuff (emails etc) since I suspect they are being monitored etc...but i'll come up with new stuff and try to get back to the community,..I miss everyone a L*O*T! But for now...just have to say 'HI' I appreciate it! =() Thanks!

Where are you from:  Los Angeles area
What is your email address:  can't use the old one!
How did you find this site:  been here before
I am just DL