Sunday, 10/28/01, 12:27 AM
Thank you.
From: Los Angeles
E-mail:  jonnie20012002@yahoo.com
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Sunday, 10/21/01, 6:54 AM
Baby girl looking to talk to real AB's not people into sick stuff. I'm a straight married baby girl who wants to play with others. Just new to dealing with a severely abused infant. AND I WANT HER To PLAY for the first time. email me Kat
From: PA
Web Site:  Kat IZZY
E-mail:  cattee@aol.com
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Brenda Thornton
Wednesday, 10/17/01, 6:41 AM
Hi I am Stanley's mom.I love my son.
From: Stockton, CA
E-mail:  calif_36@yahoo.com
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Thursday, 10/11/01, 10:50 AM
Love ya Stanwey
From: Austin
E-mail:  babystevie77@onebox.com