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  My Living Nightmare
This page was last updated on: January 8, 2021
The Book Of E:

    Welcome to my little story that will shock you to know is 100% true. Even if you could travel back in time to 6 months ago (August 19th 2019) and told me what was about to happen, I probably would have thought you were pitching me some scifi movie or something.

    So where to begin? First, I want to mention I have several recordings of the 3 people who have been causing me my living nightmare. You can check out the recordings now or read on. The recordings are found at

    As for my living nightmare, it begins here, 1075 Trinity Street #114 Redding California 96001 to be exact. There is SO much to tell with this whole mess. Now, I am not on this little adventure alone. I have a cast of 3 others who started me on all this. 

    The leader who lives at the above address is a older gentleman of 52 years old who goes by the call sign "Mr EEEE!" (or Erik is his real name) to try to sound authoritative and said in a low evil/mean sounding tone. The two others are "Mr E's" helpers and go by "Mr Mike" and "Miss Melissa". Though you can never know their real names since they always changed them.

      Now let’s get to the meat of the story. This all began back on August 19th 2019. The start of it was slow. At first it was audio of 3 people with video of a room with a table that had two laptops on it. From right to left was Mr Mike, Miss Melissa and hiding behind a large monitor was Mr E, the leader of the group.

    Miss Melissa is white, about 5’5” and about 40-45 years old with black hair. Mr Mike is white and is about 35 years old and about 200-250 pounds with a rounded face. Mr E is about 52 years old, of white decent and wears black framed glasses.  

    I believe they use industrial magnets since they could grab my metal hospital bed with the magnetic field and lift it. And it would often vibrate the rebar in the floor. 

    They kept repeating words of kill, president, Russia and so on. At the time I thought this was some group trying to condition me to be some Walmart shooter or something. I refused to do anything they said. When they failed to get the response they wanted the words changed to “kill yourself” and “kill your family”. 

    When I talked of telling others about what was happening I was told I screwed up. That I would spend time in a federal prison and then would spend the rest of my life in a state psychiatric hospital in full restraints. 

Then the story changed to I would be taken to the “Centere”. That the one in the TV show The Pretender is real and located in Main. That I would be taken there to help them. 

    The 3 of them then began contacting me a bit similar to when I channel spirit. Yes, I can speak to ghosts. I just don’t normally broadcast it. So anyway, I just simply assumed they were another spirit looking for some kind of help since all I could hear was a voice from Mr Mike and Miss Melissa. Boy was I wrong.

    I would later learn one of them is a tech wizard (Mr Mike) of sorts and built his own subsonic radio frequency emitters and had approximately 6 of them. And another has the knowledge of hypnosis.

    Along with the use of these emitters was the use of hypnosis. They had me believing some pretty crazy crap. First was the bulge in my stomach. They had me believing that it was full of methane and was about to break open. And that any spark or flame (such as the heater) would spark off an explosion. So they told me go outside. Scared I took Puppy my stuffed dog with me.

    So there I was sitting on the front lawn sitting in the grass with my stuffed dog Puppy for awhile. They used many voices to talk to me. Mr E, Mr Mike and Miss Melissa all would change their voices when running a new Psy-Op (Psychological Operation) as they called it.

    So while sitting on the lawn at 10:30 at night I suddenly hear the voice of my long time friend. He said he’d been out of touch because he’s been working on a military operation and couldn’t tell me. But he told me because of the bulge in my stomach rupturing he would have to nuke Redding to cover up the talking to me as well as the bulge situation. 

    I listened to him give the order and heard “missile away”. So thinking this was all true I sat freaking out waiting to be blown away in a nuclear explosion. It was quite convincing.

    Then the next contact with Mr E was right up my alley. When the nuclear bomb to kill me didn’t hit I went inside upset by the whole ordeal. I sat down against the wall in the hallway.

    I must have passed out because next thing I know I am laying on my back looking up without the ability to get up. I laid there while somehow projected on my ceiling was a projection of ships in space escaping earth for other galaxies mentioned in the popular show Stargate SG1. I could clearly see them on the ceiling and had the audio of them talking. Freaked me out. I have never seen technology like this in my life and had no idea how they were doing it.

    Then the projection widened. I was supposed to be left in some volcano for millions of years as a symbiote (from the SG1 show) and was carved out in slices by layers all the while trying to race the clock of the rising lava burning me up. The hypnosis was very good as I felt it all including the painful parts.

    Oh, I can't forget the part where I was among the fish in the ocean. That was very cool looking back. But at the time, like the other psy-op’s, it freaked me out! I thought I was going crazy.

    The next sim had me involved in the California 10.0 earthquake that scientists have been saying was coming forever. Of course I just happen to be on the crack itself under my back. I felt the floor crack right under me somehow. Then flames were projected. I was told to grab the string of an apron as it was the DNA of my family. Mid hypnosis I have this string in my hand holding tightly.

    Finally I was mentally aware again and was finally able to move and get up and go to my room. Once again freaked the hell out. Who are these people?! And why me of all people?!?!

    The next psy-op was overloading compressors. They had recorded the outside sound of air conditioner compressors running. They had me outside trying to find them to confront them. 

    They had the sound of compressors going off all around me saying that the locked on laser is causing a field and making compressors over heat and they could explode any time. So I was waiting to be blown up by all the compressors around me. Finally with it being hot and summer, I went back inside.

    By this time I began having the ability to physically see energy (exposure to the high field of Radio Frequency of the emitters). This was the evening Mr Mike and Miss Melissa decided to play as if they were stranded from another dimension. That they somehow came from a portal above my bed.

    At the time I was still in the dark of who they were. I had so many stories. And now they want me to believe their from another dimension. I wanted the truth but they wouldn't tell me. Just one psy-op after another. 

    This psy-op was mostly fun though. We ended up Adult Baby role playing and bonding with Mr Mike and Melissa. They wanted to become my Adult Baby parents and stay. But they said they needed to go home and wanted my help somehow to get back through the portal.

    I wasn't sure how to help them as I didn't feel any special power at the time. It wasn't till later I would learn how to tap into the energy building up around me from exposure to the emitter. But after a tear felt goodbye they went back through the portal. Or so I thought. All they really did was go back upstairs with their energy.

    The next psy-op was they had me convinced that they were really from the LHC and that the lasers at LHC had accidently targeted me and they couldn't turn them off unless they ripped the CPU boards out of the targeting system computers.

    Meanwhile, apparently of all things, my AB Mommy had been working there and had to keep it a secret from me. She said it had to be kept secret from me that she worked there.

    She excused herself from her co-workers and went to the bathroom and explained things to me. Then she went back into the room and explained to her coworkers that one of the targeting lasers have locked onto me and that we need to figure out how to disable the laser.

     We were both yelling at the other facilities to look at their monitors. That it was picking up brain scans showing we were being targeted. That to shut off the laser they had to pull the control boards.

    Suddenly she heard a loud crash outside. While outside my window and up on the second floor they had a speaker on the window sill. They were playing sounds from a laptop to make the simulation/psy-op sound more real. 

    I was hearing the crashing sounds now too. Miss Melissa was telling me the lasers were creating a magnetic field that was pulling down satellites from space. Crash, crash, crash.

    Suddenly Miss Melissa began yelling that we (myself and her) had somehow gotten attached to each other magnetically and using Far Sight (Seeing in the distance with eyes closed) I could see her fly through her plate glass window of her office and a projection of her sliding down the road of a busy city as her clothes are being torn off her body while screaming for help. Then she yells for me to stop watching so I open my eyes.

    This, like the others would be what Mr EEEE called "psy-op's" when they saw how I would react to each situation they came up with. Pissed me off to find that all out down the line. Made me feel like a fool.

    Next came the training. But the training was actually testing to see how well I could do the tasks compared to them. Tests such as looking at pictures layered on each other and I had to guess how many layers were there. 

    They were pictures of an overhead view of residential houses. Several blocks of them. Mr E would stack them several layers thick and would change it up each time. I had about a 80% success rate on guessing how many layers were there.

    There was another test. Looking into my tv that was off which I was later warned not to do. I would find out much later that Mr EEEE had a wireless baby monitor with a camera that happened to be on a similar frequency as the brain. 

    When I concentrate with my eyes on the TV I could somehow see through the lens of the camera to their upstairs bedroom. Imagine my shock at seeing the upstairs bedroom with a near identical layout to my bedroom downstairs.

    They also did hypnosis by using two small gimbels where you had to wait for the two circles to get close together and a symbol would appear and that would focus your sight. Then Mr EEEE would speak a word 4 times (in my case). At the time I was simply told it was a test. I wasn't aware I was being hypnotized.

    Mr Mike has multiple personalities he played during the "psych-ops". He had one called "The General" who was supposed to be a 4 star General of the US Army in charge of the whole program I got wrapped into. I had a bit of an attachment to him to be honest. The General would call me his cadet.

    It was Mr Mike's personality of "Mr HI" that scared me. The voice came across in a demonic tone. He was supposed to be a demon from hell. Mr HI and the "General" kept me hopping. At the time I thought these were all real people. I didn't know any of the 3 (Mr E, Mr Mike and Miss Melissa) were changing their voice.

    One night The General had me do what I used to call "drop and pick up". Boy, this is embarrassing. When I was a kid I was a teen baby. Someone who would role play as a baby or young toddler. 

    Anyway I would ride my bike to park bathrooms and such and would drop my pants to my ankles revealing my diaper in the bathroom stall for 1-2 minutes. At the time I think I just wanted to embarrass myself out of being a teen baby. I don't know.

    While I never did it in front of anyone (the bathroom was empty), the sheer slim chance of being seen somehow in a diaper was a rush. The crazy things some kids do. So The General ordered me to do it in my bedroom I guess to break me out of something I already have stopped doing.

    The next part that comes to memory is when The General makes an appearance. See, the next psyop is my death. The story this time was that they were the Illuminati who live in the basement underground of the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.

    What he said they did was find souls like me to kill and capture in a special ghost trap that traps the soul and then take them to Luxor and thrown into the light which the soul is slowly consumed to power their location. Yea, it's a bit of a stretch until they keep throwing out details.

    Ones who decided to go willingly would go with V (Miss Melissa). V apparently was the main operator of the Luxor underground. But because most resisted first like me, you would have to go do your punishment involving your worst fears first.

    In my case, being a adult baby, I was to be reduced to a fetus and kept in a bag of fluid while breathing through a tube till V felt I was ready to be "born again dear" she would say. She’s the dominatrix type. Then I would be kept in a crib with a cage like top in the pitch black to I guess cure me of my fear of the dark.

    Back to the story at hand. So with Luxor in mind, in this psy-op Mr E was supposed to be the key person being tracked down by the government for what he could do. 

    He got in his truck and attempted to run but was caught. He was taken into a white box truck according to him telling me. He was then to be frozen for the trip back to Luxor where he could be thawed and reanimated somehow.

    There was a catch however. The other voices played by Mr Mike and Miss Melissa in this psyop found out that due to the contact with the radio frequency that our breathing and throat was somehow connected.

    So in the van (really his apartment) he put a tube down his throat into his lungs and filled his lungs with some water. When I would take a drink of soda he would claim it was going in his throat and that it was going into his lungs and drowning him to death to get me to stop drinking anything at that time.

    After a few hours of back and forth trying to get me to give up and come outside so they could take me to Luxor, the so called two men in the truck hold him so V can shoot him in the head and put him in a ghost trap to throw into the light of Luxor.

    With all this going on V had to make her big appearance. She came into my room as the energy of the devil’s wife. Saying she controls the cops and if I didn't come out she would send the cops in to kill me. That I was the son of God and she was the devil’s wife and wanted her war. 

    She wanted the codes to all the world’s nuclear bombs. Of course, real or not, I refused. But at the time, who else could talk using telepathy? I didn't yet know about the radio frequency emitters.

    In the end, by evening, due to all the stress I became highly suicidal. I attempted to take my life by downing a bottle of muscle relaxers. I was up all night with my ankles and calves in spasm. Then I took a bottle of antidepressants. Nothing happened. Still alive.

    The next evening things took a turn for the worst when I got desperate for peace from all the psy-ops and their voices in my head and downed my bottle of painkillers. 

    I don't remember a whole lot of the incident. From what I was told I passed out in my chair and my mom found me. Pulled me to the floor and seeing I wasn't breathing she began chest compresses while waiting for the ambulance.

    I woke up first in the ambulance of all places to a man yelling at me to say my name "Hey! Can you hear me? What's your name!?". I passed back out soon after he stopped talking. I woke up again in the ER to the feeling of people cutting my clothing off my body before passing out once again soon after.

    I woke up next in the ICU hooked up to a IV drip of Nican to reverse the overdose. Not only did the overdose effect my heart but the Nican hurt. It took around 6 hours or so to reverse the overdose. Then I was transferred to a room to recover.

    Once in the room the 3 went back to attacking me. Telling me I needed to be in restraints as if they were in the hall talking. They would make it seem like they had access to the ceiling crawl space. 

    Oh and the good one, V claimed her dad owned the hospital and this was their ward. My roommate of course just happened to be Mr EEEE. Though it was just his voice on the other side of the curtain.

    After about a week of the activity from them I left the hospital AMA. I was told by the 3 not to return home, that I wasn't welcome home anymore. I managed to make it halfway home on foot before my body was too weak to walk and I laid down on a sidewalk outside a bank.

    With my phone on a sliver of battery I managed to call home to my mom and ask for a ride home. I got home to find my room in shambles. Not only was every pill bottle in my room gone, my mom claimed the EMT's came in and took them all.

    Even the ones from my file cabinet were missing. How would the EMT's even know I had anything like that in there? My guess is in all the confusion that one of the 3 dressed up like a EMT to gain access to my room. But honestly, only Mr E and his group knows the truth. 

    Not that claiming to have my meds goes very far I guess. They claimed one of them got them in all the confusion. I personally don’t know what is really true. But my gut tells me they had a hand in the missing meds since the 3 places I kept meds was all empty. EMT’s would have simply grabbed what was in sight.

    On top of that the computer was in sections on the floor and none of the lamps worked except for the closet light. There was furniture in my crib and the floor was covered in papers, clothing and such. It took the better part of two hours to get it cleaned up enough and to get my computer back online.

    As the evening went on the 3 started to get going. They claimed to have taken over my mom's friend who was claiming he would beat up my mom and her boyfriend as well as set the house on fire. Every time I checked all seemed well in the living room. I just didn’t know what Mr E and his group was capable of.

    I soon figured it out but not before my mom said she wanted me to go to the hospital for another psych evaluation because I made the mistake of talking to the 3 out loud. So we went over and they decided to admit me. I spent 3 days in the psych ward only to be sent back home. The whole time E was trying to make me freak out as the room I got in the hospital was similar a bit to a solitary room.

    Once home from the hospital, things continued with Mr E and his team. I needed to go food shopping. That night I hit the Winco food store. Miss Melissa and Mr Mike were telling me what to buy. We got some snack foods, some salad, some lil smokies, some potato salad and a few other odds and ends. 

    I got home for them to tell me it was all stuff they hated and that it was a psy-op to see if I would really buy it. That they could taste it all and couldn’t stand it. I ended up giving it away to my roommates so I wouldn’t be shocked anymore.

    Angry I asked Miss Melissa what she really liked to eat. She said veggies. So the next morning off I went to Safeway. In the veggies area every veggie I liked she hated. 

    We finally settled on broccoli and grapes. That she was fine with, or so I thought. Later I would find out in truth she doesn’t like veggies much. I ate the 6 bags of steam in bag broccoli and grapes anyway.

    A few days go by and once again Mr E and the group is back. They are shocking me over the music. One of my cats jumps up for attention. Miss Melissa claims she hates cats and is afraid of them and to push them off the arm of my chair. I refuse as it’s the cats house too.

    That’s when Mr E threatens to kill the cat via laser if I don’t push it down. I thought he was bluffing. He wasn’t. Next thing I know Moses falls into my lap and begins seizing. The seizure lasted for a good 30 seconds before he lay limp in my lap. 

    Thankfully shortly after he was able to get up and walk off. I was very angry and cussed him out calling him an animal abuser. He claims he didn’t mean it, that it was an accident. Only he really knows.

    Angry I got out my pellet gun and shot a round up through my ceiling in Miss Melissa’s direction using Far Sight. I barely missed her foot as she jumped back in surprise.

    To really scare them, and was a mistake was to make a fake bomb. I got out a box and set it on the floor in front of my recliner. All the while I am being as serious as I can to sell the story. 

    I grabbed 6 can’s of PC compressed air cans and laid them in the box and took 3 diapers and tucked them between cans to make it seem like kindling to make the can’s explode. I had Mr E’s team quite concerned. I just didn’t expect the actual outcome.

    My mom came into the room and saw the box. She asked what was inside and opened it. She felt it was a bomb and took it to her room to get it away from me. Later that night my bedroom door flies open and I have a shotgun and 5 hand guns pointed at me by the city police for a bomb threat.

    Two officers each grabbed an arm while one grabbed me by my hair and threw me to the floor. My hands were handcuffed. One problem, I can’t get up from the floor very easy due to my back. So they had to call the fire department to put me on a lift tarp to turn me over and carry me out to the ambulance. Yes, it was embarrassing. But they threw me to the floor by my hair, so I sort of saw it as fair.

    I was admitted to the psych ward for 3 days for wanting to blow up my building. Guess I bluffed out Mr E’s and his group a bit too well. I had to explain it was just compressed air and I never was going to light it. Not easy to explain. But I was honest. Ended up on anti-psychotics to make the “voices” stop. Small price to pay to just get out of the hospital.

    Another afternoon I returned to the hospital in another ambulance. Mr E’s team accidentally caused a seizure. I was taking out trash to the car when I rounded the trunk to suddenly pass out. My mom saw me out the window seizing. I woke up in the ER with my whole body wracked with pain.

    I was sure I had just been in a car accident. My mom was there and I asked her how bad the car accident was. She explained that it was a seizure. I was confused since although my dad has had them since childhood, I had never once had one. I was all cut up from falling to the ground and seizing. I got a brain scan and then was eventually sent home.

    A few more days pass and it’s more psy-op attempts. This time it’s a Van Nuys Psychiatric Hospital visit for group therapy. In this psy-op I am in my chair with my eyes closed. I could see this room with several chairs in a circle. In the group it was a few kids from the old unit and staff.

    In the group we were clearing the air. This one I cried over quite a bit. I addressed what at the time I thought was maybe a memory. I was talking to the staff about how I was treated all those years ago (1996). 

    About my spinal injury, being locked in solitary overnight and so on. They were each explaining their side and said sorry. It was quite emotional even if it was fake. It helped with my PTSD of all things. So for that simulation I am grateful.

    However then it was back to shocks and voice contact. I broke down again and decided to overdose again. This time on Baclofen. After about 25 minutes I was passed out. I woke up 10 days later in the ICU.

    Apparently I took so much Baclofen that it impaired my breathing and I had to be on a breathing machine for those days. The doctor was saying if I survived I would have 40% brain damage. But I came out of it with no impairments. Accept for being tired all the time.

    I spent three more days in the ICU and of course Mr E and his group was in contact. They were running one psy-op while there and I have no idea how it was done. All I can think of is they got the projector running again.

    First was the Channeling Erik ( blog psy-op. As some know I follow the Channeling Erik blog. Erik has visited blog members in the past. 

    Anyway, Mr E and his group wanted me to believe Erik had come to the hospital to warn me of a flood. Mr E got the projector to show ocean water coming over a local mountain out my window and flooding the area of Redding CA. Freaked me out.

    Then the hospital staff moved me to a different ICU room. I woke up later that night to find the entire ICU unit walls were covered in plywood panels. I could even smell the wood. It was strong. 

    Mr E was supposed to be just out of sight. He kept saying he wanted me to be his baby sister. That I had to wear a dress when we played. I kept saying no, that I was a baby boy when I role played.

    Then he said the room, just out of sight, was a solitary room I was going to be locked in. NOOOOOOOOO. I kept trying to slide down the bed to stand but then a staff member would come in and pull me back into bed.

    Then it was onto the catheter. Miss Melissa would keep saying they were going to take out my catheter, but by ripping it out. Without deflating the balloon they wanted to just pull it out. I wasn’t fully aware of the location of Mr E’s team but every time someone came into my room I held on to the catheter. I can look back and laugh now, but back then it was a concern.

    Finally after 3 more days of physical therapy I was able to stand under my own power again. I was moved to the psychiatric ward once I could walk. I walked into my room to hear Mr E’s voice. He made it seem like he was in group therapy and had control over the unit. Oh lord.

    A few days of contact goes by. Then the projector is put back into use. Above me in bed I see ships coming for earth. Using my hands I made them explode. It was intense but a bit fun too. It seemed so real. Who are these people (Mr E and his group)?

    After 15 minutes or so I went into the hall as the aliens made it to earth and were coming to kill me. I sat in the hall waiting for them to come get me. I mean, if it was even true I was a sitting duck in a locked ward.

    Then I hear Mr E from down the hall in the dining room. He was choking from a supposed demon choking him. I wanted to go look and confirm but the demon voice (Mr Mike) kept telling me he would kill him if I came down the hall. Miss Melissa was trying to talk to the demon begging him to let Mr E go. I was so freaked out the nurse sedated me.

    A week goes by with more contact. Mr E would make requests day and night to do things. Move here, put that there, and so on. And you always have to answer “Yes Mr E” or be shocked for not doing the request.

    I wake up to a police officer standing over my bed. Seems I am being given a restraining order. I had been sedated for the night so I was barely able to stay awake to listen. I passed out and woke up the next morning to find the paperwork on my nightstand.

    I read the paper work saying I was no longer allowed at my home or my mom’s car. Apparently because I wasn’t on the rental agreement my mom who I rented a room from was forced to make me move. 

    And the manager wouldn’t let her stay unless she got a restraining order against me. I guess for the whole compressed air in the box fake bomb thing I did to scare Mr E’s group. So now I am homeless. I fell into a deep depression.

    I spent another 12 days at the hospital’s psych ward until housing could be found. A place called Crisis Residential and Recovery Center. A 30 day program made for people suffering mental health related crisis’s. I was transferred there pending help finding housing.

    Every day Mr E’s group continued contact. Requests to do this or that. Shocks for defying him. When I tried to sleep without permission from Mr E I was shocked repeatedly till I stopped trying to sleep. I made it a total of 12 days before I broke down. I went to my therapist and explained I was suicidal.

    Once again I was taken back to the ER on a psychiatric hold. I was held there for 3 days till a bed was found at St Helena's down toward Sacramento. Of course I just had to be in range of Mr E’s lasers. More of the same during the stay. I stayed there for 15 days before being released.

    I was taken back to Redding by transport and I got a motel room for two days. I wanted to decompress from the hospital stay before dealing with life again. So I got a room at a local Motel 6.

    After two days my mom was over to take me to the Mission as a place to stay. We got over there for lunch. Lunch was good but a bit spicy. Then we talked to the guy running it getting the rundown on how the homeless were handled. You could come for meals but couldn’t hang around the property. You had to be gone till bedtime at 7pm and up for the day at 5am.

    It was a safe place to sleep if I had stayed. I was so overwhelmed by the situation that I became suicidal just to end it. Having adjustment disorder as one of my mental illnesses I just couldn’t handle it. I ended up having my mom drop me off at the hospital.

    Within a day I was back in the hospital. But not just any hospital, Aurora of Santa Rosa. It was full circle. Aurora was the company that owns Charter Oak Hospital in Covina that started the PTSD. Now I am back. I was scared shitless. I got the fear in my mind that it would happen all over again. And for some of the stay it did.

    During the stay I ended up in solitary 3 times (just like in 1990). And because of my self injury (cutting) the doctor ordered, of all things, Thorazine. 7 people approached my room, came in, held me down and injected me. Just like I was 16 all over again at Van Nuys Psychiatric in Van Nuys.

    To add to it all of course Mr E is doing his thing. Telling me when to sleep, how to lay in bed, how much food to eat, what to eat and such. 

    And then I call home to learn my mom found my cats a place to stay on a piece of property. I would never see them again. Now Mr E and his group is the cause of not just me losing my place, but losing my two cats. AHHHHHHH. I self injured again that night anyway.

    After 23 days or so (I lost count) I was released. I was broken. My past was brought back and my home and pets were gone. I told the psychiatrist straight up that when I got out I was going to kill myself. He didn’t believe me.

    3 days later I was released to go home. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I got my medications picked up and headed for motel 6 with one goal in mind, to die. I only got a weeks supply of my meds so it wasn’t the amount I was aiming for.

    Soon the sun was setting. It was time. The same lighting condition of the solitary room when I was 16 that I was locked in. I took the Lithium and Celexa. I passed out about a half hour later. This was it, no one to come and walk in on me. But once again I woke up.

    As some might know who takes it, Lithium is a salt. I got the runs very badly. One time not making it and filling my pants. Gross I know. But it happened. Mr E still had his hooks in me. 

    Shocks came when trying to sleep without permission. Making comments about my condition and such. I was just sick with severe diarrhea. Well, that’s not a fool proof way to die is it. Check, don’t do that again.

    Two days later and 4 Gatorade’s later my mom shows up about my car. It’s costing too much to keep the car in storage. It needs 1700 dollars worth of work before I can get it smogged.

    So we took it to pick and pull and only got 50 bucks from it. Well 47 because of some “trash” left in it. It hurt. I have had that minivan since Sandra and DJ were around. We bought it together and paid it off. I couldn’t help but cry and be in anger at yet another thing I lost due to Mr E. I just couldn’t afford to keep it in storage anymore.

    Another day at the motel and then I was on the streets. My mom helped me run some errands giving me a ride to the stores to get what I needed. I have a backpack with two changes of clothes, Puppy my stuffed puppy dog and a few odds and ends.

    She finally dropped me off at the local library so I could use their wifi till dinner. I made it 10 minutes before I left the library. I walked around the block not knowing where to go or what to do with myself. I decided forget it, I was going to confront Mr E, Mr Mike and Miss Melissa once and for all.

    I set out on my way walking toward my mom’s house since Mr E lived next door. I knew I wasn’t supposed to go there, but I didn’t care. The walk of over 20 blocks about killed me. My heart pounding as I walked.

    I finally made it a block away from Mr E’s house when my mom called to ask how I was. I was honest and said I was looking at the building’s laundry room and was going to confront Mr E. Next thing I see is her walking out to the car and picks me up about 300 feet from Mr E’s door.

    Of course she was angry. She was mad I walked there and put her housing at risk. I told her once again about Mr E and that for her to take me to the hospital. So she drove me to Mercy Medical Center where I was checked in for a mental health hold as I was once again suicidal.

    Two days later I get a surprise visit. One was a psychiatrist and one was a county guardian. Seems due to the whole mental health crisis with Mr E and his group and the suicide attempts they want to see if I qualify to be conserved making someone else in charge of all my decisions. 

    At the end of the talk I get handed a temporary court order of conservation while the court decides. That all happened at the end of February 2020.

    I spent another 17 days in the ER waiting for placement. All the hospitals that had openings were for danger to self or other. Since I was only gravely disabled due to not being able to find housing I just sat in the ER.

    Finally I get a visit from the director of the CRRC (Crisis Residential and Recovery Center). I am invited to return for their 30 day mental health program. According to my care plan it’s two groups a day at the center, and one group with the Star team which is in charge of my case. The up side is I got my own room instead of being in the rooms with 3 other guys. It helps since I am a shy person and isolate a lot.

    Of course Mr E and the group continues to be involved. Although it was nice to see Mr E break down. He actually handed control of the program over to me till I broke down. Then Miss Melissa had it. Then Mr Mike. And Mr Mike gave it back to Mr E. My turn, my turn. We will see. 

    On March 11th 2020 I was in bed and began smelling burning plastic. Turns out Mr E’s primary laser was catching fire and melting the handle of the device. It would only fire the targeting laser, a second device mounted to the main laser. 

    As luck would have it, on March 12th 2020 they would go to Walmart for a DVD player so they could take it apart to get to the laser to make a new firing laser. I spent some of the night last night being shocked on the right ankle and right knee.

    On March 13 we went to nuclear war, so to speak. I posted this book online and jammed some music and that was the trigger. He deleted my most treasured e-mails today to let me know he means business. But turned out they were only moved to another folder and were back later. Now I am out for blood. We will see what he can handle now that the kid gloves are off. 

    Today (March 14th 2020) was a slow day. No groups so I ran around town and got some errands done and got some lunch. Miss Melissa doesn't like spicy food. So the borrito's I got were a bit much for her. Then when getting home I found I was hit with an urge to self injure. 

    While fighting the urge Mr Mike commented “cut yourself you fucking pussy”. So I put the music on and turned it up. I don’t have to hear that stuff. And don’t need to be encouraged to self injure. So music is how I fight back. And apparently Mr E doesn’t like tickles. I tickled the space where his energy is at his feet and he told me not to do it. 

    Later the next morning (March 15th 2020) around noon Mr Mike and I got to warring. I turned on the music and he began boiling in his head. Then came me using psychological warfare. I got in all three of their heads. All yelling at each other, then crying, then more yelling. 

    After several hours Mr Mike decided to say screw it and threw their main laser on the floor breaking it. Then he realized what he did and repaired it. That’s when he tried to fry my phone. Several passes and it still works. 

    The major war continues. I continue to blast music at them while they continue to threaten to delete my site, e-mails and online presence. I have already chalked them up to full loss and will repair the damage when they are gone. 

    Today, March 16th the day starts with “get out of my bed” from Mr E. Due to the electromagnetic field, my body is his. If I lay in bed he can feel my every move and I his. So I got up, put on some music and did e-mails. I later went to do chores with “stop or I will shock you”. The pain in my back from sweeping the front ramp was hurting them too. I kept going blasting music from my headphones. Music is great to work to. 

    As the afternoon progresses I find a new song. Explode by Written by Wolves. It’s a fight song that fits me and Mr E. But it’s my turn to feel suicidal. We keep turning the tables on each other. I have to find a way to turn them back. For a half hour I was doing what Miss Melissa told me to do. Then I realized “what am I doing?”. So I pulled myself together and got back to resisting. 

    In the evening just before dinner I was looking through pictures and came across some video’s I made. I never re-watched them so I didn’t know, but you can barely hear V and Mr Mike talking. It’s kind of crackly but you can hear words. Then you hear me respond to what their saying. They tried to fry my phone and laptop with their emitter but they are too far away for it to be effective. 

    On the morning of March 17th I woke up before my alarm (7am). At 6:44am I get Mr E saying to get out of his bed. Fine! I got up and went to grab some breakfast. Then I went and sat in the solitary room turned game room. Seems weird to be able to do. 

    Come a little after 8am we begin fighting. Mr E saying he’s going to delete my site. So I put in the headphones and began blasting music. While of course I don’t want my site deleted, I refuse to let them hold it hostage. Delete it and I will make it again. So we are spending another day fighting early instead of the typical afternoon.

    On the morning of March 18th I got up a little early from nursing a sore tooth. Mr E wanted then wanted me to lay flat so he could use biofeedback to short circuit his neuropathy. But it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. It also doesn’t help that I can’t seem to stay still long enough. 

    To punish me Mr Mike is using the laser to run it up my leg forcing the blood to be trapped at my knee causing my leg to lose feeling as if it’s gone to sleep. It I guess mimic’s the neuropathy that Mr E is dealing with without me laying down so he can use me for biofeedback. He seems unable to do it now even when I have laid still for him. 

    March 18th was a interesting day. I had a appointment with my medical doctor. I was straight up honest and explained about Mr E and his group. She asked me to draw the device. I am not much of a drawing person but I did. 

    She told me I am showing signs of neurologic damage. She decided to schedule me for several tests to see how much damage the RF exposure has done including blood tests, EKG, EEG, MRI and CAT scan of the brain and oxygen pulse ox to see if it’s effecting my breathing.

    March 19th was another interesting day. I went to see my psychiatrist and Mr Mike wanted to talk. He’s upset that the Lithium is causing him to feel lethargic. He wanted it canceled or reduced but the psychiatrist wouldn’t do it. So he said fuck you to her. She took it in stride. 

    Then Mr Mike said he would fuck her husband. She told him “he doesn’t swing that way”. Then Mr Mike wanted to know her full name so he could hack her computer. It was an interesting session.

    On March 20th Mr E (Now Mr Eric) gave commands saying he wanted control back. It turned out it was only a game to see if I would do what he said. In a weakened state of mind, I did. He had me stay in the game room which used to be a solitary room. It triggers memories of being 16.

    On March 22nd the morning started with another visit to the solitary room/game room. The day progressed with me listening to music. But by 3pm I got a idea. 

    Tired of the contact I first called the police to call in a illegal radio station. The officer said to call the FCC. So I put through a online complaint. That got their hearts pounding. So now I sit waiting for a call from the FCC about their emitters.

    March 23rd was a calm day till night fell. Mr Mike kept pointing the emitter into my ear and cheek causing ear and tooth ache pain to keep me awake. Soon the Ativan took effect and I passed out.

    The next day I woke up to “it’s 10 minutes till” from Miss Melissa. Then a “get out of my bed” from Mr E. I got up and sat at the computer for Mr Mike to use the emitter to push the blood in my leg up causing it to go numb. 

    March 24th and 25th were quiet days for me. But on March 25th Mr E and his crew moved across town to Hilltop Street here in Redding. Where exactly I don’t know. But I can see the beam is coming from a higher place. So either their up on Hilltop which overlooks down town or they have a very high ladder. 

    March 26th was a interesting day. I woke up to the typical saying from Mr E “get out of my bed”. But I refused to get up. So Mr Mike said if I didn’t get up he would fry me like la migra (A phrase from the movie Blade). 

    On picking up the laser he just happened to turn it just right that I saw the whole weapon. A little longer than a adult’s arm from elbow to wrist. I found a video with one that’s very similar here  

    All was quiet for a few days till March 30th. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to a pain in my tooth on my right side along with my right ear. Turned out because I went to sleep 2 hours early Mr Mike wanted me out of bed 2 hours early. He was using the emitter to rock my tooth back and forth aggravating the nerve. 

    After a hour of resisting I finally got up to start my day. But it was a day filled with shots to my legs and top of my head causing a headache. The day progressed slowly and finally ended at bed time with some Ativan. 

    On March 31st I actually woke up peacefully. The leg shots didn’t start right away. What he does is sweep the beam up the ankle toward the knee forcing the blood back causing the leg to lose feeling or fall asleep as some people call it. The rest of the day was more of the same till the evening.

    Come evening I gave in control. Yes Mr Mike, Yes Mr E and so on. I followed most orders. Didn’t drink my soda. Told how much dinner to have. I just wanted the shocks to stop so I followed the orders. 

    April 1st was more of the same. Told when to get up, what to do. Even told what to do during the outing to pick up my medications. How to wear my pants, where to keep my hands and so on. 

    April 2nd I was following orders till about 8:30am. Now I am in between. Not sure if I am going to keep following orders or do my own thing and take the shocks. They wanted the MP3 player off but I love my music too much. 

    By mid morning I did my interview with a local reporter. The whole call I had Mr E and Mr Mike chiming in which was distracting. But the interview went well regardless. 

    On April 3rd I got up at 6:30am to “are you awake? Get out of my bed”. So I got up and got on the computer to be yelled at for listening to music. And to learn that Mr E has been trying to break me of my role playing side. So Me and Mr E went to war once again. But that didn’t stop me doing my radio interview with Irelands 104FM. 

    April 4th 2020. Woke up on my own. We did well not fighting till 11am. Then suddenly it’s laser in my darn eyes, swinging back and forth making several passes. So the fight began. Typical. Can’t make it till noon anymore without a argument starting a fight. But hey, I guess when they are board they are board. At least fighting passes the time. 

    The fighting went on and off over two days. Mostly it was Mr Mike playing with his emitter. Mr E tried to keep peace best he could. And Mrs Melissa did her best to keep all parties at peace. 

    April 6th came with the typical “get out of my bed”. The morning went relatively quiet. Just some requests to turn off the music or to turn off the game of Farmtown I was playing. Around noon we all had a brief talk about being at war. To either war or don’t. So I am waiting to see their reply. Hopefully it’s not to war. Blasts my ear drums out. 

    So by 1pm we went to war. Not just a few hour war, but a war to end all wars. We don’t hold back and don’t stop to the death! 

    Over the course of ten days the war continued. Me blasting music at max volume, using psychology to get in their heads and any other edge I could get. Meanwhile Mr Mike continued to use the microwave gun on me, cussing me out, flipping me off and mild psychology.

    Now, like any war, there has been mild lulls in fighting where we could get along relatively peacefully. But they have always been short lived. 4-5 hours at most often times before we were back to cussing each other out. 

    Here April the 16th 2020, the lull was the morning. It went quiet without too much problems. But as 3pm rolled around things fell apart. I was tired and Mr E said if I laid like him he wouldn’t mind me taking the bed. But soon Mr Mike was shooting me in the ankle. Hence the war kicked back into gear and we began fighting in our own ways. 

    On the 19th things came to a head. I attempted suicide that night. Between the burning from the microwave emitter, my flashbacks of being 16 in the psych ward and my homelessness I decided to take my life. When it was time to pass out medications I grabbed the bottle of Baclofen and ran for the back stairs. Two staff caught up to me and over 15 minutes, talked me out of doing it and handing over the pills. 

    While I didn’t get the chance to take the pills it was a hit to my staying in the crisis center. I was interviewed right away to see if I needed to be put back in the psych ward. James, the interviewer decided not to have me admitted. But Phil, the program director informed me that taking my own meds when in their hands is seen as stealing. And that if I had one more incident like that I would be asked to leave the program. 

    As of April 22nd the war continued. Mr Mike continued to use the microwave emitter on different parts of my body. I continue to attack on multiple fronts. I keep at them with psychological attacks, music day and night and keep Mr E out of bed by shaking the bed in different ways as much as I can. 

    As of April 29th 2020, the war to make them stop continues. I have decided to do my best to just ignore them. However it makes it hard knowing Mr E has so much access to my online life. Able to delete e-mails, alter my site and such at his whim. I have accepted that my online presence is a possibility to be deleted one Mr E tantrum away. He threatens it every day. But guess time will tell. If nothing else, it will give me something to rebuild in the future when I get settled.

    On July 28th I got discharged from the Crisis Residential and Recovery Center. At first the staff were going to take me to the mission. But in the end I got them to take me to the motel 6 on Hilltop. The ignorning them didn't work. I wasn't there a half hour before they started in. Telling me I was there's. That I need to do what I am told. That they are in my computer. 

    It went on and got worse the following day when my mom took me to storage to get my desktop out. Among having a better computer, I was now able to play world of warcraft which they hate with a passion. They want me to pay attention to them and have all my focus. The game and things like music are a distraction and I can tune them out for the most part if I wanted. 

    So hating this there was often commands to get off the game or they would delete it. Turn off the music or they would fry my cell phone or computer. Constant stream of threats to do this or that or else. I didn't know what all they could do, but I was at their mercy due to them having all my passwords. I could keep nothing secret. Any password I came up with they would see my write or hear me spell out in my head as I wrote it.

    A few times I broke down crying into my stuffed dog puppy unable to come up with anything to solve the situation. I just knew I wasn't going to be anyone's slave. So I just did my best to manage the contact and make it through the days. 

    After two weeks I got some good news. The restraining order my mom's manager forced her to get ran out. I worked things out with her and she agreed to let me rent a room from her while trying to find a perminent placement with my case workers help. In the end, no one had room so my mom invited me to move full time with her across town when a apartment came open if I wanted. I accepted the offer. 

    Meanwhile it was making it till then. They were doing shocks to my right foot with something that kept me from sleeping. Other times it was psychological stuff of threatening to call police, have my admitted to the psych ward saying I was their patient, that Mr Mike was a cop and was going to come down and arrest me. I knew it was just another psych-op and did my best to ignore them. 

    As of October 31st 2020 we moved into the new apartment. At the time I was convinced Mr E and his group was stationed renting a apartment in the building and by moving I would get away from them and stop having to deal with them. Sadly after moving in they were right there still talking. 

    I don't know if their vehicle based or actually are now renting the apartment above me or even both. All I know is I hear movement above me that matches their activity. So part of my says it's them and part of me says it's just them projecting noise. 

    Once in the apartment, the activity was about the same. They talked to me. They did their punishments of shocked feet, pokes to my chest and scratching my privates. The shocks to my right foot is the worst. But apparently to do it one of them is strapping on a device and shocking their leg so I feel it. 

    Over time I continue to learn more and more about them. Mikey, or Mr E is in his 50's. We spent some time today (January 7th 2021) listening to music and I picked up that he was in collage during a 70's song. He got upset as he didn't want me to have that information. I imgaine it's because he didn't want it getting out such as this example. 

    I have gotten some glimpses at their tech. I know their running it off a desktop computer with a lap top computer to monitor my online activity. They appear to be using EEG equipment to capture brain waves and some how transmitting those back and forth. It's far above my knowledge. 

    All I know is I can constantly feel their emotions, body functions, mood, stress level, breaths and heart beats. In addition to that I can monitor their thoughts as well as physically see into their space. I can handle it for the most part. It's just been I am intentionally poked, shocked or otherwise harmed. I get a bumped knee or something. But to stick me with a pin over and over again is bull. All the other activity I can manage. 

    As of today (January 7th 2021) we were having a ok day. But in the afternoon things went to crap watching a movie. It was Safe House with Patrick Stewart. They got upset when I said I needed a dead man switch like he had in the movie to send out this article should something happen to me. 

    So I was told I was going to be killed tonight. When I looked at air guns online for defense they began talking about doing it sooner. So here I am typing this up and bringing it up to date. Hopefully at least someone will know what happened to me if I am killed. 

-Stanley S Thornton Jr
Date: 1/7/2021