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  My Living Nightmare
Hopefully Almost Over!
This page was last updated on: November 17, 2019

     Welcome to my little story that will shock you to know is 100% true. Even if you could travel back in time to 12 weeks ago (as of November 2019) and told me what was about to happen, I probably would have thought you were pitching me some scifi movie or something.

      So where to begin? First, I want to mention I have several recordings of the 3 people who have been causing me my living nightmare. You can check out the recordings now or read on. The recordings are found HERE

      As for my living nightmare, it begins here. 1075 Trinity Street #112. Please bare with me as I will have to upload this in sections, so do check back for the updated sections as there is SO much to tell with this whole mess.

       Now, I am not on this little adventure alone. I have a cast of 3 others who started me on all this. The leader is a older gentleman who goes by the call sign "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" to try to sound authoritive. EEEEEE (also known as Jermey in real life) lives in apartment 116. The two others are "E's" helpers and go by "M" and "W" live in apartment 121. Though you can never know their real names since they always changed them.

       Now lets get to the meat of the story. This all began back on October 20th 2019. The very first of it I don't have complete memory of so the exact start time is left to a journal I wrote at the time. Little did I know much more would be happening.

        The 3 of them first began contacting me a bit similar to when I channel spirit. So I just simply assumed they were another spirit looking for some kind of help. Boy was I wrong. I would later learn one of them is a tech wizard of sorts and built his own sub sonic radio frequency emitters and had approximately 6 of them. And has knowledge of hypnosis.

        Along with the use of these emitters was the use of hypnosis. They had me beliving some pretty crazy crap. At one point they had me outside on the front law sitting in the grass with my stuffed dog Puppy while in a bunker my old best friend Glenn was sending a nuclear bomb to explode over Redding because they convinced me my buldge in my stomach was enough methane to blow the city should a spark set it off hence the nuclear bomb. It was quite convincing.

         They had me convinced that the lazers at LHC had accidently targeted me and they couldn't turn them off unless they ripped the CPU boards out of the targeting system computers. Meanwhile apparently of all things my AB Mommy had been working there secretly and they even used the emitters to show a clip of a woman sliding down a street as her clothing ripped from her body while she screamed for me to some how help her.

       Oh, the next hypnosis was right up my alley. This time I found myself in my hallway without the ability to get up. I laid there as projected on my ceiling was a projection of ships in space escaping earth for other galexies mentioned in the popular show Stargate SG1.

       Then I was left in some volcano for millions of years as a symbiot and was carved out in slices all the while trying to race the clock to the lava burning me up. The hypnosis was very good as I felt it all including the painful parts. Oh, I can't forget the part where I was among the fish in the ocean. That' was very cool!

       By this time I began havining the ability to physically see energy. This was the evening M and W decided to play as if they were stranded from another demension. That they came from a portal above my bed. We ended up role playing and bonded. But they said they needed to go home and wanted my help some how to get back through the portal.

        I wasn't sure how to help them as I didn't feel any special power at the time. It wasn't till later I would learn how to tap into it. But after a tear felt goodbye they went back through the portal. Or so I thought. All they really did was go back upstairs. This, like the others would be what EEEEEEEE called "psyop's" when they saw how I would react to each situation they came up with. Pissed me off to find that all out down the line. Made me feel like a fool.

        Next came the training. But the training was actually testing to see how well I could do the tasks compared to them. Tests such as looking at pictures layered on each other and I had to guess how many layers were there.

        There was another test. Looking into a tv that was off which I was later warned not to do. I would find out much later that EEEEE had a wireless baby monitor with a camera that happens to be on a similar frequency as the brain and when I concentrate on the TV I could see through the lense of the camera to upstairs. Imagine my shock at seeing the upstairs apartment with a near identicle layout to my bedroom downstairs.

         They also did hypnosis by spinning a part of the eye where you had to wait for the two circles to get close together and a symbol would appear and then EEEEEE would speak a word 4 times (in my case). At the time I was simply told it was a test. I wasn't aware I was being hypnotized.

         But M has multiple personality disorder, or at least plays the part well. He had one called "the General" who was supposed to be the general of the US army. I had a bit of a attachment to him. The general would call me his cadet.

          It was Hi though that scared me. The voice came across in a demonic tone. He had me do what used to be called "drop and pick up". Boy, this is embarrassing. When I was a kid, I would ride my bike to park bathrooms and such and would drop my pants revealing my diaper in the bathroom stall for 1-2 minutes.

          While I never did it in front of anyone, there sheer slim chance of being seen some how in a diaper was a rush. The crazy things some kids do. Hi ordered me to do it in my bedroom I guess to break me out of something I already have stopped doing.

          I know I am going to forget some details trying to recall everything over 12 weeks of 24 hour contact. The next part that comes to memory is when General makes a appearence. See, they next psyop is my death. The story this time was that they were the Illuminati who live in the basement underground of the Luxor hotel.

          What they did was find souls like me to kill and capture in a special ghost trap who is then taken to Luxor and thrown into the light which the soul is slowly consumed to power their location. Yea, it's a bit of a stretch until they keep throwing out details.

           Ones who decided to go willingly would go with V. V apparently was the main operator of the Luxor underground. But because most resisted first like me, you would have to under go your punishment involving your worst fears first.

           In my case, being AB, I was to be reduced to a fetus kept in a bag of fluid breathing through a tube till V felt I was ready to be "born again dear" she would say. Then I would be kept in a crib with a cage like top in the pitch black to I guess cure me of my fear of the dark. 

          Back to the story at hand. So with Luxor in mind, my neighbor beind me was supposed to be the key person being tracked down by the government for what he could do. He got in his truck and attempted to run but was caught. He was taken into a white box truck according to him telling me. He was then frozen for the trip back to Luxor where he could be thawed and reanimated.

          There was a catch however. The other voices played by M and W in this psyop found out that due to the contact with the radio frequency that our breathing and throat was connected. So in the van (really his appartment) becuase he has CF he put a tube down his throat into his lungs and filled his lungs with some water when I would take a drink in which he would say I didn't wait for him and that the drink went into his lungs and I am drowning him to death.

          After a few hours of back and forth the so called two men in the truck hold him so V can shoot him in the head and put him in a ghost trap to throw into the light of Luxor.

          With all this going on V had to make her big appearence. She came into my room as the devil. Saying she controls the cops and if I didn't come out she would send the cops in to kill me. That I was the son of God and she was the devil and wanted her war. That she wanted the codes to all the worlds nuclear bombs. Of course, real or not, I refused. But at the time, who else could talk using telepathy? I didn't yet know about the radio frequency emiters.

          In the end, due to all the stress I became highly suicidal. I attempted to take my life by downing a bottle of muscle relaxers. I was up at night with my ankles and calf in spasm. Then I took a bottle of anti-depressants. Nothing happened.

          Then the next evening things took a turn for the worst when I got desparate for peace and downed my bottle of pain killers. I don't remember a whole lot of the incident. From what I was told I passed out in my chair and my mom found me. Pulled me to the floor and seeing I wasn't breathing she began chest compresses while waiting for the ambulance.

          I woke up first in the ambulance of all places to a man yelling at me to say my name "Hey! Can you hear me? What's your name!?". I passed back out soon after he stopped talking. I woke up again in the ER to the feeling of people cutting my clothing off my body before passing out soon after.

         I woke up next in the ICU hooked up on a IV drip of Nican to reverse the overdose. Not only did the overdose effect my heart but the Nican hurt. It took around 6 hours or so to reverse the overdose. Then I was transfered to a room to recover.

         Once in the room the 3 went back to attacking me. Telling me I needed to be in restraints. They would make it seem like they had access to the ceiling crawl space. Oh and the good one, V claimed her dad owned the hospital and this was their ward. My room mate of course just happened to be EEEEEEE.

        After about a week of the activity from them I left the hospital AMA. I was told by the 3 not to return home, that I wasn't welcome home anymore. I managed to make it half way home on foot before my body was too weak to walk and I laid down on a sidewalk outside a bank.

       With my phone on a sliver of battery I managed to call home to my mom and ask for a ride home. I got home to find my room in shambles. Not only was every pill bottle in my room gone, my mom claimed the EMT's came in and took them all.

       Even the ones from my file cabinet were missing. How would the EMT's even know I had anything like that in there? My guess is in all the confussion that one of the 3 dressed up like a EMT to gain access to my room.

       On top of that the computer was in sections on the floor, none of the lamps worked accept for the closet light. There was furniture in my crib and the floor was covered in papers, clothing and such. It took the better part of two hours to get it cleaned up enough and to get my computer back online. 

        As of the evening went on the 3 started to get going. They claimed to have taken over my mom's friend who was claiming he would beat up my mom and her boyfriend as well as set the house on fire. Every time I checked all seemed well.

       I soon figured it out but not before my mom said she wanted me to go to the hospital for another psych evaluation because I made the mistake of talking to the 3 out loud. So we went over and they decided to admit me. I spent 3 days in the psych ward only to be sent back home.