JUNE 2012
Monday, 6/11/2012 5:18AM

Recently (am 75) told my wife. Now have an area of bedroom as nursery with home made cot (crib), mobile, music, Winnie-the-Pooh bed linen, cot (crib) buffers, an array of little animals and excellent-home made- reins for cot (crib) restraint.
Also high chair (modified), push chair (stroller) and, just finishing, a modified 1920's pram.

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Monday, 6/25/2012 4:43PM

I'm not an adult baby or caretaker, but I can see how this could be a VERY helpful therapy, far better & safer than other methods.

     I applaud you sharing a part of your life with the world. Perhaps, in time, insurance will eventually pay for this type of therapy? I should hope so.

     I'm sure filming this could not be easy, but it may help many, many people & therapists all over the world - especially those treating adult survivors of childhood neglect &/or abuse.

     I'm sorry that a senator who saw this accused you of SSA fraud, and the fact that he is apparently a doctor as well as a senator shows just how out of touch the medical community has been. If a senator/doctor thinks he can size up a person, as if they were a patient from a segment on a TV show, he ought to loose his medical license & his judgement as a senator is questionable at best.

    I'm sorry to read of your hospitalization & I hope you have recovered.

    I can't imagine what you went through, yet I DO believe you have found an incredible way of healing yourself & your caretaker/surrogate "Mom" can heal as well.

    Bless you through those things you have survived, and for sharing this therapy with the world! Hopefully it will catch on as a treatment for others as well.

    I think it is brilliant to have found a way to heal that part of yourself that was harmed as a child! We ALL find ways to heal everything from mild stresses to serious stresses. Like you said on the program, many either self-destruct (or become harmful to others).

   I really hope this catches on as a therapy. It is perfectly normal to find ways to heal ourselves & therapy is just about healing oneself anyhow. This ought to be the norm, instead of internalizing things and illnesses coming out in other ways, either physical or other illness or becoming harmful towards others.

  I wish you the best for sharing this part of your life!

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Tuesday, 6/26/2012 1:48AM


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