JUNE 2003
Jimmee Allott
Saturday, 6/21/03, 9:24 PM
   Hi! As a big baby toddler whose finally admitted to himself that he is not happy as an adult, I'm sure happy to find more and more sites dedicated to us adult babies and the wonderful mommies who look after us. I hope everyone is as wet and happy as I am as I look for my perfect mommy. Please e-mail me if you want. Love to all and to all a wet night! Regards..........Baby Always Jimmee
From: Vancouver, B.C., Canada
E-mail:  babyalwaysjimmee@hotmail.com
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Saturday, 6/21/03, 4:28 PM
From: texas
E-mail:  bulkybottoms@yahoo.com
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art wolfe
Tuesday, 6/17/03, 5:16 PM
From: pa
E-mail:  awolfe37@aol.com
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