JUNE 2001
Friday, 6/1/01, 7:00 PM 

From: plymouth 
How did you find this site? dpf


Sean Newboy 
Sunday, 6/3/01, 4:07 PM 

Thot I would finally fill this thing out :) 

From: Floida 
E-mail:  Seannewboy@yahoo.com
How did you find this site? u gave it to me hehehehe


Sunday, 6/10/01, 5:44 AM 

I wet my pants all the time. Now when I start to wet I cannot stop it and so I flood myself. I started out just wanting to spot myself from time to time but now I wet all the way down to my socks. I also wet my bed at night, but usually I know I need to go but just cant get up to go. Even now as I type this I have already wet myself completely. 

From: Texas 
E-mail:  wet_pants_2002@yahoo.com
How did you find this site? general search


Babybrian Button 
Monday, 6/11/01, 4:23 PM 

To baby standy; I too am a toddler I am setting my whole apt in to my own person Nursey it fun to do.My sister knows all about me I am her older baby brother she great sis..I have to say good-luck I am new to computer and typeing but I came a long way to were I admit I am not shy on putter and I am not scare of who knowa who I am.Its because of your site and a lot ather to were people relize
they can be there self and know they are not alone in this world were we all live some are leader and then there are always the followers...But to unite and show that there are more people who you fell that are like friends and know a little what we all go
through.Some might not remenber that being gay use to hard then being a baby on top of that...I know I am both and I do know now of days I feel accepted in both parts...Of course it was easlier for me to accpet by baby self then it was when I found out I was born gay I just tell people I was born gay and a babyboy(teehee)Its the truth I know some time I do have to ACT grownup But alot of times it hard keep up the good work your site kicking...toddlerboyblue@excite.com...babybrian 

From: I live in Brooklyn NY 
Web Site:  babybrian
E-mail:  toddlerboyblue@excite.com
How did you find this site? I don't ready know but I think Throudh DPF I did book mark it sun


Mommy Angel 
Tuesday, 6/12/01, 5:36 AM 

Love your site sweetie! And am recommending your crib plans to my bABys. Keep up the good work and being a sweet baby. Hugs and love. 

From: Eastern Quebec 
Web Site:  Mommy's Nursery
E-mail:  mommy4ab@yahoo.com
How did you find this site? thru a bABy


Fred Sperry 
Monday, 6/18/01, 10:25 AM 

From: Doylestown Pa 
Web Site:  sperry
E-mail:  fbsperry@yahoo.com


Wednesday, 6/20/01, 2:32 PM 

colochamps88 im me if u want 

From: Saginaw MI 


Baby Davy 
Sunday, 6/24/01, 6:52 PM 

Midwest diaper boy. In diapers 24/7. Love your website. Keep up the good work. Email me if you want. Always looking for ab friends. 

From: Midwest 
E-mail:  dboy1906@yahoo.com
How did you find this site? floating around the net


Anthony Hansen 
Wednesday, 6/27/01, 12:52 AM 

this is a cool web site 

From: emmett, id 
How did you find this site? browse'n around