JULY 2016
Thursday, July 7, 2016 10:00AM

I like your web site. I think it's a great idea to have a place where we can get together! Thank You!!!

Where are you from?  Albuquerque, New Mexico
What is your e-mail address?  361babyblu@gmail.com
How did you find this site?  Stumbeled on it
I am AB/DL

Thursday, July 14, 2016 7:56AM

Let me introduce myself, my female name is Debbie Jane Waters in reality my name is Mark. My age is 50yrs old.. I hope you don't think I am odd but it normal as a girl. Let me explain

I used to go to a lady called Sandra Waters who was my helper on a holiday, we got to know each other first. When we got back she suggested I be her adult baby or her daughter and she let me use her surname.

Sandra was going to let me live with her but unfortunately she died. I still have a picture of her if you want to see it ask Since she died I have been looking for a mummy or daddy, perhaps we can start part time and see how things go

I think I should tell you I am a wheelchair user, when I was 6 weeks I had, due to this my condition is called cerebral palsy left hemiplegia (in other words I can not use my Left sidled but I need no special treatment.

I have to take prescription medications which is as follows. Lansprazole 30 mg and Simvastatins 10mgs and tablets for cramp.
I have a crown on my upper left tooth, I have sensitive teeth due to this I have to use a sensitive toothpaste. I wear Bifocal spectacles which change with the sun have week left eye

Although I use a wheelchair I need no special treatment and I can feel my bottom so if you did accept me (and like me you are into spanking which I hope) and you think my bare bottom needs a spanking it is ok I can do quite a bit for myself I can do the following:

I have many pictures of me as a girl. I hope I have not frightened you off but I wanted to be honest from the start, if you feel you can help please feel free to contact me. Feel free to pass this on am very serious about this . If you don't think you can help and you know someone who might please feel free to pass on my email address. Please email me at Debbiejanewaters@gmail.com

Where are you from?  U.K.
What is your e-mail address?  Debbiejanewaters@gmail.com
How did you find this site?  Trawling
I am just AB