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      This article was put together mainly from a great post on another site, added some things of my own, and I couldn't have done it all without the helpful suggestions of all the members here. There are four sections I put into one posts. Those sections are
1) Ordering Online
2) How to get the money for diapers.
3) Getting Diapers
4) Suggestions For When Your Getting Diapers In Person
5) Hiding Diapers and Tricks and Tip's

All links highlighted below will open in a new internet explorer window so you don't lose your spot reading the article. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!

Ordering diapers online can be a convenient option if you live in a remote location, or if you want higher quality diapers than what you can expect from a drug store or department store. Online orders have their ups and downs, especially for those who live with someone else (e.g. parents or roommates). If you can plan things out well enough though, online orders can really pay off in terms of diaper quality.

Payment Options:
As cash and carry is not possible with virtual shops (cash is great for situations like going to Walmart or CVS and buying a pack of diapers or a baby bottle), it is more difficult to order items off the Internet, than purchasing them in stores. Shipping and handling must also be accounted for with many websites.

Credit/Debit Cards:
Credit cards are available to anyone over 18 with a valid ID. However, it is strongly advised not to get into debt over some diapers unless you are able to pay your bill on time. There are better ways to pay for things. Note however that credit cards usually do carry insurance to a level better than debit cards and PayPal. Debit cards are like credit cards but linked to your bank account. They are generally accepted online where ever credit cards are, although it may depend on the site and the type of debit card. In several countries you can get a debit card at a younger age than a credit card (it depends on which you country you live in. In the UK you can have a debit card at any age). Generally a debit card with a Visa symbol will be widely accepted, with some restrictions.

Visa Electron:
Visa Electron cards are typically issued to younger people and students as they have more restriction (i.e. can only withdraw or pay for items up to available funds). For this reason some stores may not accept them if they have to check your balance before debit.

Visa Debit:
Visa Debit cards work more like a credit card in that they are processed through Visa which authorises payment, and then the debit is made from your bank account. The debit may not occur instantly, and you don't need to have funds in the bank to cover payment. Be sure that you have enough money in your bank account, because having insufficient funds will result in an overdraft, or the payment may simply fail.

Maestro is a similar debit card from Master Card. Within the EU Maestro cards work similar to Visa Debit. Outside of the EU they are often more like Visa Electron cards and require balance checks and authorisation.

Prepaid credit cards:
Prepaid credit cards can be bought at many drug stores and convenience stores, however, they do cost money to buy them (10$-30$). They don't require any ID, and you can use them at websites like a regular debit/credit card. They are also charged automatically. Also as long as you don't exceed the amount on the card, it's the same as a normal credit card. A problem with the prepaid credit card, is when you try to use them at a merchant that does Address Verification System (AVS). This means that if they ask for the billing zip code, you will have issues. You can avoid these issues by calling the issuer of the card and getting the zip code set correctly.

Money orders:
Money Orders are available to anyone for a fee depending on how much you are spending with the money order. You can get them at convenience stores, drug stores, post offices, banks, or money transfer places like Western Union. Remember to get the right amount, however, because you can't really add or subtract credit with a money order. These are not as commonly accepted as credit/debit cards, but are easier to obtain, as many local stores and banks offer them.
Regarding the cost of money orders, it would be wise to check the website of the place you are buying them from, and seeing if they list the price of the money order. Most money order range in price from 25 cents to 75 cents in the US. Some places to get money orders from in the US is liquor stores, Walmart, Some food stores like Winco if you go to the customer service counter and Some banks (depends on if you have an account. if you don't have an account some banks will not sell one to you).

Say you live in the United States, and you wanted to buy a money order from the USPS (United States Postal Service). Well they have a list of how much the money orders are to obtain from them, listed
money/moneyorders/welcome.htm here.

Getting the right amount:
Make sure the price (shipping included) is within your boundaries of cost. If you are ordering multiple things, and it costs too much, it might be best to remove one or a few, and buy them later. More than likely, they will still be available next time you go to buy.

Be careful because it will take longer to process. You will have to send it via mail and wait for them to cash it before they send out your diapers. It could take a few days for the check to reach them; another two before they cash the money order; another few days to get the package. Its better to go with pre-paid credit cards for speed. If you bought it via money order your diapers might show up when your parents/roommates are home. Plus it overall just takes longer.

PayPal is available for anyone who has a bank account with a debit card or a credit card. You can save multiple credit cards and/or debit cards on a single PayPal account, and pay through that account, rather than giving out a credit card number which is alot safer because you can trust paypal and cannot be tricked by any fraudulant sites. Paypal also has insurance. Another good thing about PayPal is that when you order something through your PayPal account, the bill on the credit/debit card/bank account doesn't reveal what was actually ordered. It usually says something along the lines of "PayPal Transfer". Note that some websites require PayPal, and a fairly significant amount of eBay auctions require payment through one. PayPal isn't really recommended for those under 16-18, as there are other options available.

Physical money:
Big online stores put aside, private dealers often accept physical money mailed in an envelope. This method of paying is one of the less safe routes and should always be handled with as much care as possible. The good thing about sending physical money is that you will leave no traces of your order whatsoever, and you will remain 100% anonymous if you decide not to write a return address on the back of the envelope. The downside of mailing physical money is that postal services often require you to use special envelopes for sending banknotes. Such envelopes are not see through, which makes theft less likely. Such envelopes can be purchased at any postal office. Keep in mind that mailing large amounts of money is very dangerous unless you request a priority stamp and/or the letter to be signed before the receiver may receive it (Also knowen as "Return Recipt Requested".

Online diaper stores that accept cash North Shore Care

Shipping Options:
When you make your diaper order, you have a few options. While not everyone has the same level of scrutiny placed on them, there's nothing like knowing your options.

Ship it to where you live:
If you have parents who don't know about your diaper buying, or roommates who may ask questions, etc, this may not be the best option for you. This will, however, work rather well if you live alone.

Discreet packaging:
This means that companies will turn the box inside out so that the name of the diapers doesn't show on the outside, or use another box with nothing on it at all. The only thing on the outside of the box is the shipping lable which sometimes has the name of the company on it in small print. This is a great method if you don't want people to see what's being delivered. However most times you have to request it when you order the package in the "Notes" or "Special Instructions" section.

Ship to a trusted friend:
If you don't live alone but have a friend that knows that you want to get diapers, you can have the package shipped to his or her house. Then you can arrange a convenient time to get them, either by getting your friend to bring them to you or by going to pick them up at his or her house. While many people don't have DL-aware friends, it can help to mutually arrange something like this, especially if shipping it to your own place of residence in discreet packaging will not work.

Local pickup:
Shipping carriers such as FedEx and UPS can hold a package at their nearest location if you want to be able to pick it up at your convenience. Even if the company does not offer the option online or on the phone, if you talk to the right people, you can set this up. Typically, the store will telephone you when the package arrives and require a photo ID for you to pick it up. If you live in the United States, you can have packages shipped to your local post office. If you want to use this option, detailed instructions are usually available at each local post office.

Find your carrier's nearest office
Below are guides that allow you to input your location and see which office is nearest you:
Put in your Zip and maker sure to check the box Hold at Location

Put in your Street and Zip code, then uncheck all but UPS Customer Centers

Put in your Street Address and Zip, Post Office Locations should be set by default

KCK Medical:
When you are in California will ship using Ontrac. Only use the addresses that says "Facility," it can be tricky to find the one the right one and you just have to scroll through the list to find the one nearest you. If you don't live in a big city, you probably will have to travel to the closest big city near you. Ontrac only does overnight shipping and KCKMedical is slow on updating with tracking information, best policy is to order after they have closed and then it will shipped the next day and just go in after 12pm the day after it is shipped.

This is always hard when you don't have a job. Some of the best ways to get money aside from birthdays and such is asking mom or dad if you can help out around the house or ask for an allowence. One great way is to collect plastic soda bottles and cans and turn them in at a recycler. I used to get a good $10.00 a month doing that.

I would ride my bike around town and look inside apartment building dumpters and stuff for bottles and cans. Of course always be careful searching through trash for cans and bottles and make sure you wash good when you get home. You can also go around town and ask people if you can rake leaves or mow their lawn or see if they have any odd jobs you can do for them.

I also used to cut this man's hedges when I was 16 and he would pay me $25.00 a week. If you are old enough, check around at fast food places and see if they are hireing. Even part time will give you enough money for diapers and baby bottles and such. You can also see if anyone needs a baby sitter for the evening or something.

The biggest determining factor is arguably location. In some countries diapers are scarce and available in few locations. In countries that don't have government health care, such as the United States, diapers tend to be available at many pharmacy type stores such as Walgreens, Longs Drugs, CVS, Rite Aid and other similar stores. But the better and best diapers are only found online.

Diaper Suppliers For The United Kingdom And Ireland:
Adult diapers or nappies are very hard to find in stores here. The best chances are to either buy online or if you are lucky enough, from a shop. Adults nappies are available from the high street shop Boots. You can check this this page to find your nearest store. They sell their own brand of diapers, and in some larger shops they may sell Depends and/or Tena, in the incontinence section. Local chemists seem to be more likely to stock nappies/diapers than big chain shops, so they are your best bet. You pay a premium though. They also will be more willing to order in specific brands, so don't be afraid to ask. You are doing them a favor by offering custom - they don't care why you want the stuff, it's all money in the till for them. Don't be shy! The primary outlets for disposable nappies/diapers (youth and adult) are disability shops/suppliers, specialist chemists, specialist wholesalers and local manufacturers (particularly in old mill towns). While Asda and Tesco will sell Tena Discreet/pants, they aren't likely to have in stock the most absorbent grade nor the full range of sizes. On a subject of tactility, function and procedure, the Tena pants don't qualify as nappies/diapers and aren't likely to satisfy AB/DL requirements. A decent variety of disposables (brands, sizes and grades) will only be available from those sources I mentioned previously or on the net.

Readily available in stores:
In the UK, there are two options: Bed wetter nappies/diapers or adult/incontinence nappies/diapers: Drynites -- These are pretty much larger versions of the old style Pull-Ups. Available in the US under the 'Goodnites' brand. The girls version is better for any boy who has gone through puberty, because of where the landing area is. They are apparently also slightly stretchier.
Cost: 9 for £5.34
Available at: ASDA, Sainsburys, Tesco, Boots, etc.
Freebies: Free sample and £1 off coupon

Adult Nappies:
Here the market is dominated by Tena, Poise and Boots' "StayDry".
Tena: 'Pants' -- The Discreet version of these are available in most Supermarkets, Chemists and Boots. They're not particularly absorbent, one wetting, two at a push... and they're not particularly discreet either. Not really that good. Eats up odor quite well though!
Cost: 12 for £7.50
Available at: ASDA, Sainsburys, Tesco, Boots, etc.
Freebies: Free sample and £1 off coupon

These are found in the pharmacy at ASDA, a large branch mind you... and they're quite expensive.
Cost: 28 for Approx £25
Available at: Larger ASDA's, with large Pharmacy

Underwear -- Similar to Tena Pants except not as absorbent (one wetting max) and no odor prevention. Go for the Tena's.
Cost: 12 for £7.50
Available at: Sainsburys, Boots

Boots StayDry:
Super Pull Up -- Very similar to the above, accept in smaller packets. Might, in fact, just be repacked!
Cost: 8 for £6
Available at: Boots

Extra Absorbent Briefs:
The only nappy/diaper styled adult nappy with tapes available readily on the UK's highstreet! It's pretty poor though... cant be doing with more than a couple of wettings and leaks very easily! The 'tape landing area' is rubbish too!
Cost: 8 for £8
Available at: Boots

The Molicare range is supplied by Paul Hartmann Ltd and be ordered via a free phone number for home delivery or from
Also see: The traditional Molicare (all-in-one, nappy/diaper type) is now constrained to the Molicare Super Plus and possibly, the Molicare Classic, which is not advertised. The newer Molicares are of the slim-fit style aka Molicare Premium, being simply an all-in-one pad which is held to the body by breathable wings. An addition to the nappy line-up, is the moliflex, which is held up by a waistband (attached at the rear of the pad and then wrapped around your front) and to which the front of the pad secures with velcro tabs. the outer cover is of a 'breathable, cotton-like' design and despite what would seem to be an unseemliness from first glance, they are very pleasant, bulky and absorbent. as a personal preference, and in consideration of the newer, skimpier styles, the moliflex is the best. It does feel like a nappy/diaper, it looks like the latest styles of baby nappies/diapers and, if you're going to wear in company, it is silent.

The Abena range is available via mail order using either phone, fax, email or post and Abena is in the UK so no customs issues or over-inflated postage costs. Abena Abri-Forms come in a mostly plain brown cardboard box, but the box does have a small "Abena" logo on it that is not noticeable to friends or neighbors that don't know what Abena makes. Abena sell the famous Abri-Form nappy which is one of the thirstiest nappies on the market. One weak points is that the tapes can be a bit weak, so sellotape may help if you plan on filling that nappy to the max because it will weigh a ton! Abri-Form are quite a bulky nappy especially when wet but that's because they hold a lot. If you feel you need something extra to support the weight, Abena also sell an all-in-one. Their website has gone downhill recently and is a bit difficult to find some things now but the clothing range is under "fitting products" Click here for their UK website:
London The best bet in the UK is to visit John Bell in London who have the Tena Slip Small which are the best diapers around (that are easily available) to buy in store.

Diaper Suppliers In The United States:
In the USA, diapers are readily available at many locations. Many stores carry them. Though what you may find varies widely in terms of quality, most pharmacies (For example: Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Longs Drugs) should carry them in some form. Typically, they carry the Depends brand as well as a cheaper generic. Large stores such as Wal-Mart also tend to carry them. Medical Supply Stores are your best bet for quality adult diapers  that you can get in person. These stores can be found easily by searching under "Medical Equipment" or "Medical Supply". in your local phone book or by typing in "Medical Supply City, State" or "Medical Equipment City, State" in Google. Be sure to check out the company's website to see if it says what incontinence products it offers. You may need to call up the store and ask what brands of adult diapers they carry. Once you find the brand you're looking for just walk in, buy them, and get out. If you're up to it, I recommended asking for a few samples of other brands as well, you will almost always get them for free or be charged around 3-5 dollars for shipping and handling. Many companies that do charge S&H for the sample send along a cupon for the 3-5 dollars off on your first order. If you're lucky, you should be able to find a store in your area that carries Abena, Molicare, Tranquility, or at least Attends. If you just have to have that baby diaper, the largest baby diaper in the US is the Pampers size 7, all the other baby diaper brands only go up to size 6. The only thing bigger than a baby diaper but smaller than the adult diapers are the bed wetting pants such as Goodnites (S-M: 38-65 lbs (17-29 kg) L-XL: 60-125+ lbs (27-57+kg)) or Underjams (S/M:38-65 lbs (17-29 kg) L/XL: 58-85 lbs (26-39 kg)). Also in many states the 99 cent stores sell baby diapers in the baby isle. They come in a pack of 4 for 99 cents. The brand when I was buying them was called Fiti. The diaper was white with different color balloons with smileing faces that would go away when the diaper got wet. They were a snug fit on me but it worked. Worth it if you are pretty skinny. I was 13 at the time I started bed wetting, so that should give you a pretty good idea on the size.

Unique Wellness Briefs:
This brand has been around for several years and have been my brand of prefference since I learned about them, though the name has changed several times over the years. It was first known as Eurobriefs, then it changed to Uniquebriefs and most recently the name changed to Unique Wellness. They are one of only a few diapers built with quality. These diapers have a double leg gathers to prevent leaks. Refastenable tape tabs that actually are able to be removed and retapped and actually holds. And best of all for me being a heavy wetter, they hold 3 liters of urine. These diapers were made from the same research that was used to create the diapers used by NASA. They offer a free sample as well and have very low prices. 20 diapers for $29.99 and a case of 60 diapers for $89.99. You can visit the site by going to:

In comparison to the rest of the developed world, Australia has a abysmal range of adult diapers readily available for purchase. Like the USA, Most chemists or pharmacies carry the Depends brand, however, very few carry anything else. So shopping around is a must if you are looking for something more substantial. Other brands that you'll most likely find are Tena and, more recently, Molicare. Be careful though as most places only stock their feminine hygiene ranges and the not the diapers. This is the case in most supermarkets, although some do carry the Depends Maximum Fitted Protection Briefs and almost all carry the Drynites range of products. If you are looking for something in particular, you will have more luck ordering online. Most sites will ship to Australia, although you will find that it is generally more expensive to ship here. EBay provides a large range of sellers that will ship to Australia and usually there's very few available at any one time. Solutions is an Australia-based business dealing in incontinence supplies and provides good diaper brands at reasonable prices. Bright Sky is a little bit more expensive but also provides a great range. Also, Bright Sky lets you choose whether or not you want discreet packaging and/or you wish for your package to be left on your door step if no one is home to take the delivery. Take note, however, that Bright Sky does stick a visible label on the box that reads "Urgent Medical Supplies". Suberia Adultcare is a business operating out of South-East Queensland that only ships by the case, but does free delivery for orders over $80.00 to the region, although it does ship Australia-wise.

In Italy you can find diaper in pharmacies and in many supermarket like Iper, Esselunga, Coop, etc.. You can find baby diaper like Huggies, Pampers, Chicco and other less-known brands. Pampers size 7 are not available. You can find Drynites,pull ups and Little swimmers. Adult Diaper are sold in Pharmacies and supermarket: pharmacies are better supplied while some supermarket sell their own brands (less expensive). in both you can find brands such as Tena, Serenity, etc..

Adult diapers are readily available in many supermarkets (NTUC, Giant, Sheng Shiong) as well as pharmacies (Watsons, Guardian). Range is limited, typically Tena. You can also find unisex Goodnites at some supermarkets. For a larger range which includes Molicare, Kendall Lille and the like, certain specialised pharmaceutical stores such as Rehab Mart and ADS do carry them.

Generic brands, such as Goodnites, (original and boxer style) and Depends, are available at most Supermarkets, such as Zehrs, Food Basics, and Price Chopper. Shoppers Drug Mart also has Depends, Goodnites and Poise. The Home Health Care (By Shoppers Drug Mart) also carries Tena, and Attends.

You can find brands such as Tena classic, Tena Slip or Depends briefs (they go around by the subtitle "Plenitud") and other brands of average quality such as Diapro (made in Mexico), Biosand, Affective Active/Advanced. Adult diapers can be found in any pharmacy (Benavides, being a very important pharmaceutical franchise) or departamental store such as Calimax (only found in the Northwest of the country), Costco, Wal-mart, Sam's Club, Ley, etc. However, baby diapers are really easy to find, almost any supermarket in the country sells Pampers, Huggies and GoodNites. Higher quality brands such as Molicare, Abena or Bambinos have to be ordered online.

Ordering online can be a simple process when done in secret (as long as the package is intercepted in time), however, one of the bigger problems that most first time TB/DL's face is physically buying diapers.

Basic Philosophy of Buying Diapers:
The basic philosophy of buying diapers is to get in and get out - get what you need and don't look back or stall, for any reason. This will allow time to second-guess yourself, and you will more than likely end up with you leaving the store empty handed. Keep your eye on the prize. Sometimes having a cover story is helpful. When I am buying baby diapers, I normally use the excuse that I am either buying diapers for someone next door, or buying diapers for my little cousin who is visiting. If your buying adult diapers, I normally will say that they are for my grandfather. 99% of the time though, the people at the check out register won't even think twice about it and often times don't even say anything about it. However, it might catch someone's eyes if you buy adult diapers along with a baby bottle or pacifier, so try not to buy adult diapers during the same time you getting a baby bottle or pacifier.

Section 4: Suggestions For Getting Diapers In Person:

Scenario One: For Those With A Car:
What you will need:
*One car
*Fifteen - Twenty Dollars
*A good excuse
*A store

Well first off, you will need to have money. Get a job, save some from allowance just make sure you don't go to the store all ready to buy diapers and then say, "Whoops, I forgot my money at home." After you have your money, if someone is home, such as a parent, you need an excuse. It can be anything - one that is commonly used is "I need to go to a friend's house to pick up some homework."

OK, now that that is done you need to find a store. Use one that's close, but not close enough for you to encounter anyone you know. Nearly any supermarket or pharmacy will work and many of them will be located in plazas that also have stores that sell things like sporting goods or home improvement items like light fixtures and Delmar fans.

Drive to the store and enter. This is no different than buying a pack of gum, so don't stress. Think of a song, puppies, dancing hippos, whatever it is that takes your mind off of the current situation but still you focus on your goal. Don't stall. Stalling will only make it worse and you will not want to go through with it or worse, you will start to draw attention to yourself and maybe even make people think your going to shoplift which is something you don't want. Under the bright lights of a store it is very easy to be noticed if you start to act suspicious.

Go straight to the diaper isle or the incontinent isle, wherever you need to get your diapers from. Now, don't let the stress make you mess up. Read the package, because it is very, very easy to get the wrong diapers because you are freaking out so much. One thing you can do is look online at for example before going to the Walgreens in person and check out the diapers online. That way you know exactly what you want when you go there in person.

Once you have them in your hand, put them to the side of you and walk calmly. Nobody cares what you are buying. It is a big misconception that everyone is watching you. Just go straight to the line, make sure your money is directly in your pocket and somewhere you can find to make it easy to give, get and leave.

When in line, don't stress, because it will only make things harder, just look straight, and take your mind off of the situation. Put the package on the table, let them ring it up, bag it and leave. It's no big deal, you can do this. 99% of the time, no one will even say anything about it. If you wish, you can have a cover story ready ahead of time, which is something we talked about above.

Scenario Two: For Those Without Cars:
What you will need:
*A bike, city bus, or your feet
*Fifteen - Twenty Dollars
*A good excuse
*A store within 5 miles of your house
*A Planned out time
*A book bag or back pack. (a common excuse could be for carrying
water, and have a water bottle in ther in case someone wants to  

This scenario will take a bit longer (and may require you to be semi-physically fit). First, you should plan out where you are going to go. The nearest supermarket or pharmacy should be one of your first options. If the nearest place is further than fifteen minutes away by car, it might not be such a good idea however, whether walking or riding a bike. If you think you can do it, though, just make sure you can get back as well. Anyway, now that you know what store you are going to you need to find a suitable time so that either your parents aren't home or you can go fast enough and come back in time for no one to get suspicious and ask questions. You then need your money and an empty book bag. So you tell your whomever it is that you are leaving for a quick bike ride- or walk- if you have to and are now on your way. Well the first thing you need to do when you get to the store, if you have a bike, is to park your bike somewhere safe with your backpack next to it (if you are walking you can bring your backpack in with you) and walk in calmly. I will say this again this is no different than buying a pack of gum, don't stress, think of a song, puppies, dancing hippos, whatever it is that takes your mind off of the current situation but still lets you focus on your goal. Don't stall. Stalling will only make it worse and you will not want to go through with it. Go straight to the diaper isle or the incontinent isle, wherever you need to get your diapers from. Now, don't let the stress make you mess up, read, because it is very, very easy to get the wrong diapers because you are freaking out so much. Once you have them in your hand, put them to the side of you and walk calmly. Nobody cares what you are buying. It is a big misconception that everyone is watching you. Just go straight to the line, make sure your money is directly in your pocket and somewhere you can find to make it easy to give, get and leave. When in line, don't stress, because it will only make things harder, just look straight, and take your mind off of the situation. If the store has a self-checkout lane it is more convenient to do so but know that the guilt will not go away. Put the package on the table, let them ring it up, bag it and leave. It's no big deal, you can do this. Once you are out, go to your bike and place your newly claimed diapers inside your book bag. Then ride straight home. Buying diapers is not as hard as it seems, the big thing is that you have to understand that no one really cares what you are buying. The workers get hundreds of ring ups a day, they are not going to focus on yours specifically. In both situation to ease the pain you could always buy something with the diapers and make believe they are not for you but as stated before, no one cares so it really doesn't matter. Just get in and get out, plain and simple. As you can see it's apparent that the most important idea is to keep you eyes on the prize.

Scenario Three: For those who rely on their parents for transport:
What you will need:
*The price of the diapers and some spare money
*A jacket is helpful but not necessary
*A good excuse
*A store selling diapers near a store you and your friends would go
*A Planned out time

If you are relying on your parents for transport (e.g. younger TBs or if you are too far away from any large stores) you can still get diapers. The first step is to get some of your friends. Then you organise to go shopping someday near a store that sells diapers. Next you find out what time they are going to be staying into town until. When your parents ask what time to pick you up at, tell them some time 20 minutes to half an hour after your friends go home (depending on how far the shop is from where you and your friends are going). While with your friends, make sure you buy something with a large enough bag to fit the diapers you will buy in and your purchases in. A good idea is to buy clothes if this is something you normally buy. If you don't buy clothes bring a jacket with you. Once your friends leave, head straight for the store. Do not stall, as stalling will usually only make the situation worse and possibly change your mind. Go straight to the diaper or incontinence aisle, wherever you need to get your diapers from. Make sure you see what brand you are buying before taking it up to the counter. You definitely don't want to get the wrong size, and then either waste money on it or get attention by going to get a different size. Once you have them in your hand, put them to the side of you and walk calmly. Just remember, no one really cares what you are purchasing. It is a big misconception that everyone is watching you. Just go straight to the line, make sure your money is directly in your pocket and somewhere you can find to make it easy to complete your transaction. When on line, don't stress, as it will only make things harder. Look straight, and take your mind off of the situation. Put the package on the table, let them ring it up, bag it and leave. It's no big deal, you can do this. Once you are out, place your newly claimed diapers inside your bag. Then put your other purchases on top and if you are wearing a jacket or bought clothes, put them on top to cover the diapers. Buying diapers is not as hard as it seems, the big thing is that you have to understand that no one really cares what you are buying. The workers get hundreds of ring ups a day, they are not going to focus on yours specifically. In both situation to ease the pain you could always buy something with the diapers and make believe they are not for you but as stated before, no one cares so it really doesn't matter. Just get in and get out, plain and simple. As you can see it's apparent that the most important idea is to keep you eyes on the prize.

Scenario 4: Dealing with younger siblings:
If you are stuck at home watching a younger sibling (but one who is responsible enough to be home by himself or herself), often creating a distraction will work. Let them do something engaging that they don't get to do very often, such as watch a movie or use your computer that is much more powerful than theirs. When they are engaged, you can slip out without being noticed on a bike or even in a car if you're sure they won't hear it. Ensure that you have a very comfortable amount of time to get home before your parents do. Smuggling the diapers back into your house once you get home can be an additional chore, especially if your sibling notices that you're gone. Take a backpack to the store with you and ensure that it's not bulging to the point where it might draw attention. Don't be afraid to store your backpack off in an inconspicuous corner somewhere and come back for the diapers later, perhaps that evening after your siblings and parents are in bed.

Tips/Things To Remember when buying diapers in person:
1) Don't act nervous. Act like buying diapers is normal (which it pretty
   much is)
2) 99% of the time the person behind the counter does not care what
   you are buying.
3) Don't just grab the first package you see and hurry to the register.
   Take a minute to make sure you got the right ones. Or look at
   diapers online before going in person to make sure you know
   exactly what you want. It would suck to go through all that, get home
   and find you bought the wrong kind or size.
4) If you over think while you are buying them you will get too scared
   and choke up. Just think of how good you will feel afterwards.
5) If there is a self checkout, try going through it. Note: Tesco's in
   Ireland at least, need them to have the security tag removed. Newer
   Tesco's can do this by computer.
6) Don't go running around the store a few days before in a shopping
   cart as this causes suspicion and they might think your a shoplifter
   and give you very unwanted attention.
7) Bring money and a book bag
8) Go when your parents are not going to a store
9) It is also a good idea to make a transaction with an older cashier, if it
   will boost your confidence

Ordering from the Internet:
If you happen to be lucky enough to have a way to order and receive shipments, you have many options. Please note, international sellers are required to leave customs forms on packages over a certain size. The "ship from" location is noted, as packages shipped from the same country do not require this. So if you choose to buy online and are concerned about privacy, try to buy from a seller in your country. If you need a credit card, consider a prepaid card sold at many major convenience stores or at banks. These cards can sometimes be refilled and can be used to buy anything that you could normally buy with a credit card. Shipping is called "discreet" when a company ships the sold goods in a plain box, normally with little or no marking on the outside. The box will not have printed words on it such as diapers, incontinence, medical supplies, etc. This is a good way to get your items past parents and family. The following companies are known to offer discreet shipping. Keep in mind though, that even if a site claims of discreet shipping, that by law, a label with an idea of what's inside must be on the package if shipping between countries. However, ordering over the internet has it's own inherent dangers of parents, siblings or housemates finding the package on the doorstep. For tips on how to avoid this happening, consult the section coming up called "Hiding Diapers".

United States and International:
Best For Nursing Supplies (International shipping - ships from Canada)
Diaperstation (International shipping - ships from U.S.)
Shop In Private (International shipping - U.S.)
XP Medical (International shipping, email first if outside US/Canada - ships from the state of California inside the U.S.); XP Medical is great about discreet shipping. Currently, all orders placed are shipped discreetly by default. The outside of the box has only a few bar codes with numbers, the shipping address, and shipping label. FedEx seems to consistently deliver packages from XP Medical on Saturdays, so you they must choose the Saturday delivery option when selecting shipping options. This is a minor downside to ordering from XP Medical. Another slight downside with XP Medical occurs when ordering a case of Abena brand diapers. XP Medical does turn the box inside out so that the label is not showing, however the boxes have two hand grab holes on the sides to make handling a parcel of this size easier. It is possible to look through the grab holes and see the contents. It is not visible at a distance, but for close inspection by someone curious as to the boxes contents, a small amount of the diaper bag would be visible. Depending on how the bags are arranged inside the box, this could end up being a non-issue as the only thing visible would be simply the color of the bag and would not give away its contents.
A Better Absorbent Incontinence Product (US/Canada Only - ships from U.S.)
Allegro Medical (US Only)
Bambino Diapers (US Only)
North Shore Care offers discreet shipping. They ship in plain brown boxes, with "Samela, Inc." on all return labels and invoices, for added privacy.
Dry 24/7 does discreet shipping in plain brown boxes, however the return address is listed as "Dry Care", which could be seen as a medical term. Make sure the box makes it into your hands first to avoid a confrontation with the receiving party.
Unique Wellness Brief offers discreet shipping is plain brown boxes, however unless you ask for it they ship in the box it comes in which has "Unique Wellness Briefs" written on all the sides. So make sure you ask for the discreet shipping in the "Notes/Special Insturctions" area when you order or call their number (1-888-936-7770) and be sure to tell them. They also offer a free sample to try.

UK sites:
Abena (Abri-Form X-Plus, by bag or crate)
Beaucare Medical (Abriform X-Plus, by bag or crate, great if you have a credit card and the ability to store a sizable quantity)
Allanda (Tena and others)
Mobilty shop
Blushing Buyer Molicare, Tena, Depends, packages wrapped in black plastic with discreet labeling

EU sites:
SaveExpress Wide variety of European diapers. Discrete shipping, usually in bulk diaper package boxes that have been turned inside out. Small delivery note on the box that isn't especially obvious what is inside, although will have the company name on it. Ships throughout the world, and reasonable prices for shipping within the EU (works out better if you order in bulk though). They do sampler packs to try them out, and sometimes they'll thrown in a free sample diaper with your order. Generally considered AB/TB/DL aware. For non German
speakers, some of the site is (poorly) translated into English. Services such as  Google's Translate can help.

Creatingyourdesires by Louise Bambino and Secure x-plus brands, discreet shipping in plain brown boxes
B4NS Abena/cloth/swim diapers, plastic pants and various garments. Onesies and AB products (ex. jumbo pacifiers) available upon request.

Suberia Adultcare
*  Independence Solutions
Bright Sky. Please note that both Bright Sky and Independence Solutions do offer discreet shipping, however the level of discreetness may not be to your satisfaction. Independence Solutions ships their diapers in a sturdy, plain brown cardboard box that is roughly the size of the package you are ordering, although it comes with a noticeable sticker on it that says "Urgent Medical Supplies" in bold-font. Bright Sky may ship your package of diapers in a very large, oversized and flimsy (but otherwise plain) cardboard box. In order to maintain maximum discreetness, taking precautions is recommended if ordering from either of these businesses.


If you live with parents or any other people that you don't want to know about your diapers, you need to hide them. This article will give you some tips to keep your little secret your own.

Getting Them Into the House:
The first step any person has to go through in hiding their diapers is to successfully get them into your place of residence without being noticed or being confronted about "what's in the bag".

Home Alone:
The best way to get diapers into your house is when you have the place to yourself. Get your diapers when no one else is home and you know that they won't be around for a little while. It helps greatly if a little forward-planning is done on your behalf. Ask innocent questions like, "So what are you up to tomorrow?" or "So you'll be out all day, huh?". Gather information on your family's routine for the following few days and come up with a suitable time in which you'll be able to bring the diapers into your home and not have to deal with anyone.

Someone's Home:
This can be very problematic if not handled correctly. The situation is, you've got yourself some diapers, but upon arriving back home, someone else is about. There are a few ways to handle this. One way to stop this problem before it even happens is to CHECK YOUR GARAGE/CARPORT for your parents' cars! If they are there, just dump your backpack in bushes, or any other place that is out of the way, and walk in calmly.

Just act like you were out for a walk/bike ride, and wait until they leave the house to bring your diapers to your hiding spot. Leave the diapers outside temporarily until a better time comes up (preferably still in the package, as not to let the elements and other things get to the diapers themselves). Hide them in some bushes, under the house, amongst some old junk, (in your own car, if no one else has access to it) etc... anywhere you feel confident that they won't be found. You can then collect them when everyone else eventually does leave the house, or when everyone is asleep you can sneak out. It's up to you to figure when the best opportunity to collect them is.

Another, more risky option is to bring them inside within your backpack or other bag. It's highly recommended that you open the package first and carry them in separated and flatter so they don't have the typical prism shape of a diaper package. This well help in lowering the suspicion levels of others, as your bag won't have a particular shape to it. Whatever your reason, and regardless of whether anyone is home or not, always carry a non-transparent bag with you. It'll make your life a lot easier if the situation sours.

This section is also relevant if you've ordered online. If no one has seen the package at your doorstep yet, then you could use the same methods as described here. When you know a package you ordered via the Internet is destined to arrive soon, be sure to determine the range of dates it will arrive and when. If you attend school that day(s) they are supposed to arrive, play sick. Excuses such as diarrhea in early morning usually work.

Having a stay at home mom is more difficult to avoid being found out. As soon as the bell rings, yell 'I'll get it.' When you see the package, run outside, grab the package and put it on the opposite side of the house outside. This way, when your mom leaves (or its late night), go outside and bring it in.

And a way I often used back when I was keeping it secret is I would hang a rope or string out my window which had a bunch of bushes right below. I would bring the diapers home in a plastic bag that had handles and tied the rope or string to it and left it hidden behind the bushes. Once in my room with my  door closed, I could just pull the bag up to my window and in. Never once was seen. If you do use this method, try to do it late at night so you have the cover of darkness. During the day too many people walking by and might see it being pulled up to your window.

Being Confronted:
This is the ultimate stand-off you'll have to face until you get blatantly caught with diapers in your possession. It can be incredibly nerve-wracking, but playing it cool is the key to not arousing suspicion. It would help immensely if you have a good reason to be carrying a bag in the first place. If you study, you could say it's just books and papers, or if you work, you could say that it's a another pair of clothes, as you went to a friend's house after your shift.

If you ride your bike to the the store to get the diapers, one possible thing you could say is that it's just a bunch of things you picked up and you can't exactly carry stuff in your hands while riding a bike. Again, forward-planning will make it a lot easier and arouse a lot less suspicious if you have an (believable) excuse ready to go. If they are persistent however, you may need to step it up a little.

One tactic is to become rather evasive of their words and actions. Say you have to be somewhere and are in a hurry, or you urgently need to use the toilet and leave before they can get another word in. Create a reason that would give you a good enough excuse as to why you are being secretive about "the books and clothes" in your bag and why you need to leave in a hurry. Another good measure is to actually put some ordinary things in your bag.

If you have a bag with multiple compartments, then place some books or whatever in the main section and have the diapers in the other sections. If asked to open your bag, open the main section, only showing whatever regular things you've put in there. However, if they are considerably nosy, they may ask to see the rest of your bag. At this point, it's probably best to apply your evasive tactic and get out of there. It may arouse a bit of suspicion, but hopefully should give you enough time to dump your bag and diapers somewhere so you can deal with it later.

If having ordered online, and someone has seen the package, you should probably have a good excuse lined up. Computer parts is generally a good excuse, however it may not cover how large the diaper package is, and therefore the shipping container it comes in. It's best to avoid saying it is something that they would be interested in seeing, like new clothes or speaker system.

Your best bet is to say it is something that they know you have an interest in, and is relatively large. Having lots of electronics in your room, makes it easy to say it is just some new hardware of sorts. Parents rarely notice nor take interest in stuff like that.

Getting Them to Your Hiding Place:
Again, if you are home alone, then this shouldn't be a problem. Take a little bit of time to make sure your diapers are nicely concealed and properly hidden. However, if someone else is home, sometimes it just best to leave them in a temporary spot until a better time arises to hide them. Chances are, you are probably hiding them in your room, or other low-traffic area of your house (you should be!). Locking yourself in your room straight after coming home is rather conspicuous and shows that you are hiding something.

Dump your bag in a place where you know it won't get seen and/or touched. In your closet, under some clothes, under/behind your drawers are some decent examples of what you could use as a temporary spot. Then just go on about your daily business as if nothing is any different. Have patience and don't fret too much over it. Unusual behavior will raise some eyebrows and questions will be asked. But it is good to check a few times to make sure your temporary spot hasn't been disturbed, if it has, then find another.

DO's and Don'ts:
Do's: Places you're looking for to hide your diapers:
1)   A place where nobody ever goes (attic, basement) In the basement
     go with a place like behind a couch or chair that nobody really sits
     in, and in a place that is relatively dark were nobody really wants to
2)   A place which is fairly accessible for you; don't hide them in
     someone else's room, or any other place you do not always have
     access too if you really needed to
3)   A place which isn't too obvious; somewhere that is rarely
     frequented in your house
4)   A place with a lock would be great
5)   A place which isn't easy to reach (such as under a closet; if it's
     closed off, otherwise someone might sweep them out when
6)   Being more specific here, a place that folks often see, but has been
     there so long that no-one would even think to look there... A good
     example of this is an old toy box or something like that in an easily
     accessible area.
7)   A place out of the way would be ideal, so if someone is searching
     your room, they won't likely find the diapers, or even see where
     they're kept... A box on top of a closet, with other boxes around it,
     would be a good example.
8)   Any combination's of these examples would be great, and only
     heighten the security of your diapers' whereabouts
9)   One possibility is if you have big tower speakers, you can unscrew
     the woofer and put them inside. The probability of anyone ever
     looking inside them is very low, especially if they are in your room.
     A lot of times you can find them cheap in thrift stores, along with a
     receiver/amplifier which makes them usable as your computer
     speakers. Or buy an extra speaker with the set, and then open the
     spare speaker, take out all the internal parts and you have a large
     space to hide diapers that looks like the rest of the speakers.
10) Another good possibility is under the bottom drawer of a drawer set
     or filing cabinet. In most cases, the area under the bottom drawer
     will be hollow. This is excellent, as it is an area few people realize
     exist, or, if they do, it's been so long they don't even think about.
     Just be careful that nothing is visible around the sides of the
     drawer when it's open.
11) If your car has a spare tire well in the trunk, you can hide them here
     as long as your car is not driven, cleaned, or searched by others.

Places you really don't want to try:
1)   In someone else's room, you never know when the diapers will be
     stumbled upon.
2)   Hiding them under your bed (or any of those other super obvious 'I
     want to hide something.' places).
3)   Similar to the above, UNDER THE MATTRESS: SUPER DUMB.
4)   Leaving them out in plain sight.
5)   Anywhere outside the house where they could get wet or
     otherwise damaged, such as a moist crawl space. However, the
     diapers can be protected by being put in trash bags.
6)   In a hall closet.
7)   Underneath a bathroom sink.
8)   Any place frequented by family members.
9)   Any place you would have no legitimate reason to be interested in,
     that would prevent you from performing an intervention or using
     delaying tactics if they were about to be discovered.
10) Any 'obvious' place, you want diapers where no-one will think to
     look for them. (Said again for impact, this is VERY IMPORTANT.)
11) In a garage.

Tips and Tricks:
One classic way to hide them is known as the 'old computer' trick. The idea is to remove the casing off an old computer, and hide your stuff in there. You can hide pacifiers on top of the CD-ROM player, so you could access them by removing the front covers of the casing. Be sure to be careful when placing the diapers in the case, as a computer main board has some sharp points in them which could rip open the diaper's cover (you don't want diaper pulp in your old computer). You need to remember also not to use the computer (at least not for long amounts of time), since the main board can get fairly hot and could melt the plastic diaper cover. Clean out the computer before using it as a hiding place, especially if your hiding pacis, bottles or anything that goes in your mouth as old computers gather dust easily.

Another method is the 'under the closet' trick. If you have a closet which is sealed on the bottom, try to see if you can remove the wooden place that is between the two sides of the closet. If it's loose, clean up under it (dirt and dust get underneath everything), and put your stash there. Be sure to close the 'hiding place' again when you're done.

If you have a suitcase (not a really big one) that has a lock on it, put your diapers in it and hide the suitcase (make sure nobody uses the suitcase any more or you could get a nasty surprise someday). A similar way you could hide them is by using the old "double-bottom" trick. If you can, keep boxes for storage and take a second box, cut an extra square that just fits snugly inside. Put your stuff at the bottom, and put the fake bottom on top. Then put other miscellaneous things on top to make it look good - especially clothes... Or if you're lazy you could just put clothes on top with no extra bottom. Of course this will work best for smaller items or a smaller amount of items. Alternatively, if you have just a few smaller items like pacifiers, or you're looking for a quick fix, you can fold your clothes, and stuff items inside the folded clothes. Also, some drawers have space behind or below them...

Sometimes this is obvious, sometimes not, but always use proper judgment for your situation. You can usually pull the drawer all the way out, stuff things in behind it and put the drawer back in. It you are planning on putting your diapers somewhere and putting something over the top of them, consider using something inconspicuous so people really wouldn't have any reason to filter through them. For example, if you have three years of school papers, you can hide your diapers underneath the inevitably large pile. It also pays to get to know the routine of your family, the places they frequent and the place they rarely go.

Obviously, if your parents still make your bed and clean your room, hiding your diapers under your bed or in your drawers would be a bad option. In most cases, the best place is one that rarely gets disturbed and looks uninteresting. Try to avoid drawing attention to the hiding location. New fingerprints in a thick layer of dust is a sure way to create interest.

If your hiding spot is dusty, cleaning the entire area may be a good idea. Anything odd or out of place will increase the chance that someone will investigate. A lump under a pile of clothes is not good. Additionally, any new lock could cause suspicion. If it normally locked, try to avoid using too many locks or too big of one. Luggage is normally locked with a luggage lock. A large padlock will make it obvious that the owner is trying extra hard to hide the contents.

The primary goal is to avoid causing someone to search your hiding spot. This might sound obvious, but try not to buy more diapers than the ones you can hide, no matter how attractive the sale is, if you can't hide three bags, you won't buy more than that. In addition, a good idea would be to have less diapers than the maximum amount the hiding can have, this to avoid accidental "escapes", especially if your hideout is a suitcase.

Tips for hiding places:
This is a place for everyone to post the place where they hide their diapers (submit any suggestions you have for hiding places to as everyone's situation is different. So if everyone states the place they hide their diaper here then there is bound to be a place that you can use yourself too.

1)   A cupboard which has some unused space under it that you can't
     see unless you get the whole drawer out.
2)   An old computer case, or the box your computer came in.
3)   A car trunk - possibly under or inside sleeping bags.
4)   A personal toolbox can be used for smaller items. Plastic tool
     boxes are fairly cheap and sturdy. If you live with your parents, one
     strategy is to clearly tell them that it's locked for a reason, the
     reason being to keep things away from younger siblings.
5)   If you have a grandfather or grandmother clock, they typically have
     room for 5-10 diapers in the bottom. This may interfere with the
     clock's weights if you stack the diapers too high.
6)   Tiled ceilings, like the ones found in schools and stores, are often
     made of fiberglass or some other sturdy material. Often they can be
     used to store diapers in a very inconspicuous way.
7)   If you have an old toy box, fireproof safe, or any other closed box
     like thing in your room that has been there for so long, your parents
     don't even think about what's in there anymore, that would be a
     great place to hide them. Or, if they think that something else is in
     there, that makes it even better.
8)   An old dresser preferably unused and in a low trafficked area.
9)   One or several old backpacks; hide some in each one. Be careful,
     though, as each additional location provides one more opportunity
     to be discovered.
10) Your car, if only you drive it and your friends do not ride in it.
11) Your dresser; however, this is a very bad suggestion if anyone
     ever frequents your room besides you, or if you do not do your
     own laundry, if the right conditions are met, this is the best hiding
     place, as long as nobody other than you is ever in your room.
12) A double drawer desk, or a desk that is two drawers in one. You
     pull one out thinking it's just one but it's actually 2 huge drawers
     made into one.
13) Under the bottom drawer in your dresser. If you take the bottom
     drawer completely out of your dresser, there should be a small
     amount of space between the floor and where the
     drawer would normally be. Certainly more than enough room for a
     pack of diapers, a box of your stuff, or really anything else you
     don't want people to find. Just remember to put the drawer back as
     usual. No one should even think to look there unless they already
     knew in the first place.
14) The inside of an old puzzle box can store a fairly high amount of
15) If you have an older room with vents on the floors or in the walls,
     you can easily unscrew the vents and hide small objects such as a
     pacifier or a few thinner diapers in there.
16) If you have a bookshelf and old big books you never read, but are
     always there, take a box cutter and cut a square hole in the middle
     of the book- hide your paci in there and put it back in the shelf.
17) Three ringed binders that are large are good hiding spots too. You
     can probably hide several diapers inside a three ringed binder if the
     binder is big enough.
18) If you have young palm trees outside, keep the diapers in the lower
     leaves which are normally quite thick. Make sure you keep the
     diapers in a trash bag or something water tight as it's outside and
     can get wet if not protected.
19) Use the back of your headboard on your bed if you have one. Put a
     few diapers in a trash bag and then use duck tape or similar tape to
     secure the bag to the back of your headboard. Or hang a bag from a
     screw or nail on the back of the headboard. Just make sure it won't
     fall is bumped or anything. Make sure it's not too thick otherwise it
     will stick out from the wall too much and people will wonder why
     your bed is so far away from the wall.
20) If you are fortanate to own a stereo, remove the speakers and put
     diapers inside the speaker box. If you have big tower speakers,
     you're golden for about 5 bags of diapers.
21) If you have a guitar, acoustic perferabily, you could carefuly put
     some inside the guitar. Or inside an eletric guitar amp.
22) If you have a throw pillow and it has a zipper, remove the stuffing
     and stuff it with diapers.
23) If you have a night stand, you could put some diapers under it.
24) You could put one diaper in a VCR if need be for a reserve. But it
     may be a little work to get it back out, but if that's the case remove
     the top cover, place them in and set the cover back on without the
25) If you have an older tv (aka: non flat screen) you could put a couple
     diapers under it.

     I would like to also add a suggestion from a member to do a dry run on your hiding place. He says "If you think you have found a good hiding place test it out first. First see how much noise getting into and out of the place makes. Then place something there that you know you are not allowed to have but won't get you into too much trouble. Then give it some time like at least 3 months. Most snoopy parents will raid a room with in a 3 moth time frame. If they find it you get into trouble but dont have to try and explain diapers like i did. If not your golden".

    The same member who suggested the dry run idea also makes a suggestion for anyone who doesn't have a hiding spot in mind. He says "If you find that you have no good hiding places then make them. Say you have a large collection of toys.... And maybe you tell your folks you want to reduce the clutter in your room.... Maybe they will get you some boxes so you can pack up your toys and put them in your closet. Bam! Now you got a hiding spot. If you folks want to move stuff to a storage unit remind them you don't want them damaged by dampness ect".

I really hope this was of some help to you all. I want to thank ADISC for most of this information and google was a great help. As was the suggestions from our members. There is so much great stuff out there

   If you wish to add anything to this article, please e-mail me at and please put "Getting and Hiding Diapers Article" in the subject line. Thanks.
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