Tuesday, 2/8/05, 10:30PM

I do WET my pants sometime but I WET the bed 2 or 3 time a week NOW!!I love the feel of HOT WET pants on next to my SKIN !!I have over 237 pairs of RUBBER , VINYL and PLASTIC pants now!! I have over 3 big BOXS of real nice diapers .I was only 10 when I started WETTING my pants !! I was put in diapers and plastic baby pants for a week NO bathroom !!I only use my diapers like a baby !!I'am in a pair of real WET pants NOW!!

From: Calif.
E-Mail Address: furtadofrank@hotmail.com
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I am AB and a Bed Wetter

Monday, 2/28/05, 6:14AM

I love getting into my flannel diapers & footed PJ's before I go to bed. I tend to be sleeping better since I've been doing this, & love waking up in the morning wet. I feel like a bad little boy, but I'm loving it.

From: Thunder Bay,Ontario
E-Mail Address: kligate@tbaytel.net
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I am AB/DL