Sunday, 2/29/04, 10:11 AM

Im 60, I wet most nights, sometimes use terrys and rubbers, always have a big bed pad under me and love the feeling of security it gives me as I let go either in dribbles or as a flood.

From: U.K.
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ronie myers
Friday, 2/27/04, 2:14 PM

From: bakersfield
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lee bunn
Wednesday, 2/25/04, 2:55 PM

do not no as yet let u no later

From: england
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Thursday, 2/5/04, 12:12 PM

Your site is getting better everytime I visit it. I miss you lots and lots. You were one of my 1st babies when I started my Mommy Service. Keep up the good work. Hi to MommyPam also. MommyJane in FL/

From: St. Petersburg, FL.
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