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This day and age lots of people of all ages wear diapers for various medical reasons. They have learned to adapt their lives to having to be in diapers. Given up things they once could do. And over time have developed ways to deal with it. I have decided to give a list of pro's and con's to being in diapers we have come up with, and of course it will be ever growing as we can think of more.

  1) Don't have to stand in line to wait for the bathroom
  2) Being in traffic having to go and not being able to get to a
  3) Don't have to be in pain trying to holding it
  4) Can sleep through the night (if you have a good diaper)
  5) Don't have to get out of your warm bed to go to the bathroom on
     cold nights
  6) Don't have to miss any of the movie/TV shows
  7) Don't have to have people see when you have a accident in public
  8) Be more confidant in public, don't have to worry about accidents
     being seen
  9) Helpful when on long trips (greyhound bus, flights, trains, ect)
10) Nice when your sick and don't want to run to the bathroom all the
11) Extra padding when your sitting on a hard seat
12) Great for periods (for girls)

  1) Can be teased by friends/family
  2) Dealing with the diaper smells in your room
  3) Smelling like pee/poop/baby powder
  4) The work of cleaning up a messy diaper (taking a shower and all)
  5) Deal with the crinkle sounds
  6)Having the diaper break down and stick to you when in warm
  7) Having to explain to your girlfriend/boyfriend or friends why you
     wear diapers
  8) Having the diaper rubbing against the skin and causing a rash
  9) The akward time where you need to air dry your behind and risk
      having an accident while not wearing a diaper.
10) Can't swim in a pool unless you take it off and risk an accident
11) Risk people finding out while out in public that you wear diapers
12) Diaper rash
13) Leaks in bed sometimes
14) Having to carry a diaper bag everywhere you go
15) Having to tell doctors you wear diapers when in the hospital/ER
16) Over time of wearing 24/7 you can lose bladder control
17) Diapers cost a lot of money having to wear full time (24/7)
18) Run out of money for diapers and have to go without and wet
19) Having to change when your real tired and just want to go to bed
20) Forgetting to change before bed, having the diaper overfill and
21) Tape tabs can come unstuck and stick to your leg
22) Asked to wear plastic pants over your diaper before being allowed
     to ride in the car or sit on friends sofa.
23) If being cared for by someone else, you don't have the choice
     most times of when or where your diaper is changed or how long
     your in a wet or messy diaper before they will change you again.
24) Tape tabs can totally snap off and the diaper open up and leak.

       Now don't get me wrong. I didn't make this page to convince people not to wear diapers. Just to think about it before doing it. I have been in diapers since I was 13 years old at night for bed wetting and in diapers during the day since I was 20. I am 27 now. It's taken me going on 14 years to not only get used to being in the diapers themselves, but to find ways to hide them both at home and in public. Some good tips for hiding them in public is:

Wearing snug underpants (the breifs kind) over the diaper. It keeps the diaper tight and from rusting. Another trick is to wear your keys on a clip or ring on your waist side. The jingling of the keys as you walk also help hide the sound of the diaper. Keeping plastic wrapped candy in your pockets is great for when someone does hear you and asks what the plastic sound is, you can produce the candy and say "You must have heard this" and then offer them some. Wear pants/shorts that are a size or two larger. This will help hide the outline of the diaper from showing through your pants/shorts.

      Another thing I had to learn to battle was diaper rash. It becomes much more of a problem when you wear 24/7. Your skin doesn't get a break like you do when you only wear on the weekend. What I do is use baby powder with corn startch in it. It costs the same as regular baby powder and it absorbs some sweat to a degree. When a rash does start to form, I use Balmex diaper rash cream. I know there are alot out there, but I find this one works great.

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This page was last updated on: August 16, 2013