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Diaper Waist Extender Directions
Hello everyone. I know I am not the only big person out there. I ran into issues in 2013 where my diapers had a bit of a hard time fitting due to weight issues. And this solution I came up with works on any plastic backed or velcro diapers. I have done it for both types. So here is how it's done.

First you will need two of the same size diapers. One will be used to make the extender and one you will be wearing. You can either toss the other or do what I do and use it in the diaper as a soaker pad with slits in the plastic backing so the pee can flow through to the second diaper. So here we got the diaper we are going to cut up for the extenders and the diaper we want to use them on.
This page was last updated on: December 17, 2016
Next you unfold the back of the diaper of the diaper you are going to cut up and fold each side of the back of the diaper like so.
Next cut down the diaper like shown so your cutting off everything past where the absorbent fluff stops. And do this on both sides.
Now we trim the extenders and square them up. With cutting them free of the diaper your going to end up with a triangle section of diaper material at the bottom of each extender. I cut off that triangle section about a inch below the tape tab as shown.
Now we lay the extender face down so the tape tabs face the diaper fluff and line it up so it's neat the top of the diaper.
Now is to attach the diaper to the extender. Try to make sure that when you tape the diaper to the extender that you tape it to the extender about 1-2 inches from the edge. In short, you want there to be a over-lap of diaper to the extender and then peel and attach the diaper tape tabs to the extender.
Now that you have the extenders attached it's a good idea to reinforce the tabs/seam. You can use any color duck tape or even clear packing tape if you like. I personally use the clear duck tape. But use the real duck tape if you can. The cheap stuff doesn't hold very well. This is the process I use to secure the seam of the diaper to the extenders.
This last picture shows the 1-2 overlap I was speaking about of the diaper extender over the diaper. So this picture shows the underside view of the 3 pictures above.
Well that is it. I hope this helps those who needs this design. As I said, it can work for plastic backed diapers such as the ones in the picture, or for fabric/cloth covered diapers such as Abena. This method also works for baby and toddler disposable diapers. For anyone needing to add a few extra inches for their toddler.

For the case of the diaper above, the extentions about up to 5 inches on each side, so a total of 10 extra inches. If you don't need that much space, the n you can even cut the extender to half the length. If you have any questions about this feel free to ask by e-mailing me at Take care all and hope this helps anyone who needs it.