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        Welcome to the Ask A Mom page. This page was made for a Bed Wetter of any age to ask a question about bed wetting. Be it about how to tell their parents they wet the bed, to when to see a doctor or what is the best products to use.

        Currently, Sandra, the woman who used to be answering questions died. We have been looking for a replacement but don't have one yet. So till one is found, I (Stanley-Owner of the site) will be answering the questions for now.

         I won't be posting them to the site and instead will be e-mailing you back with a answer directly. So if you want a reply, make sure you leave your e-mail address. I am very knowledgable in the subject of bed wetting. I have been urinary incontinent for the last 21 years myself.

       When submitting questions please don't ask questions about how to become a bed wetter, they will not be answered. 99% of the ways out there on the internet to make yourself bed wet can cause major damage to your body that cannot be reversed. Please don't attempt it. It's just not worth it.

        And questions that are of a sexual nature will not be answered. These questions are deleted. Please don't submit these types of questions.

         Below are a set of buttons. One to view the most recent questions asked. One button to submit a question of your own, and then a series of links to pages of questions that have been asked over the years.

        Please take the time to search the questions that have already been asked. Your question might have already been asked and answered already so you won't have to wait for a reply. It might save you some time as it takes awhile for me to get a reply to your question. Thank you.



NOTE:  The archive pages below are set up with the most recently asked questions on the last page. For example last month's questions would be on page 3, where the questions asked when the site was first made would be found on page 1. Please keep this in mind.