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     To have your information added to the directory, please fill out the form below and click the submit button at the end. Repeat listings will not be added. One listing per person please. Thanks. If you would like edit your listing, fill out the form below again, then click on the "Edit My Listing" button.


       Also a little notice, please be aware that by being added to this directory or any other site that you use your real name and e-mail address that friends or family know, they can do a web search of your name or e-mail address and they can see any sites your name or e-mail address is being used on including this one. And thus will know what sites your listed on or posting on.

       Also many companies these days also do web searches for a employees name or e-mail address (if they have it). And they also search Facebook prior to hirering people. So please keep that in mind. So it's important to use a fake name and a special e-mail address used ONLY for your visits to sites like this if you don't want anyone to know you are a TB/AB/DL.

      So what many do, and I HIGHLY suggest you doing if there is a risk of someone that doesn't know your a TB/AB/DL finding out about you is to create a seperate e-mail address that's used ONLY for TB/AB/DL websites. Many have been adding their listings here only to have them removed less than a month later because a friend or family member did a web search of their e-mail address and saw their listing here. So use a handle/fake name and a seperate e-mail address that your friends or family don't know thats JUST for websites like this. This will avoid many problems for you in the future. I hope this helps.
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    Please, before hitting Submit, check your e-mail address. We get alot of e-mail's like this one
(heather@) and then nothing else. Unless you tell us what server your with such as or we can't add your listing either.

    Or we will get (Jack Seems right but keep in mind there can't be a space in a e-mail. Only a underline, period or a dash but not a space. So please go back up real quick and check and make sure your e-mail is correct as that is the only way people will be able to contact you on your directory listing. And also any e-mails with incomplet e-mails are just deleted.

    Once we get your submittion we will send a confrimation e-mail to confirm that you actually submitted this information and wasn't just a friend playing a practicle joke. When you get the confrimation e-mail, just hit "Reply" and then "Send". That's it. Then your information will be added to the Friend Finder Directory on the first of the following month. Thank you and hope you find what your looking for. :)
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