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This page was last updated on: October 31, 2018

     Welcome to the AB/DL Directory for Scotland. Below are the Adult AB/DL's in Scotland. The Directory is Listed By State First, then city. If the area you want is not listed below, that's because there are no current listings for people in that area. Thank you.

Name: Davie
Age: 38 (as of 2017)
Sex: Male
City: Aberdeen
Type: I Am A Daddy, AB And DL
How Long have you been Daddy/AB/DL: 3 years but curious before.

Kinds Of Items You Have: Just nappies pullups and plastic pants for now

Comments: I am a single gay man looking for a DL brother or Daddy to be with. Ideally a relationship to explore new things with. I can accommodate and would consider moving in the right person with me.
Name: Dylan
Age: 18 (as of 2018)
Sex: Male
City: Glasgow
Type: I Am Only AB
How Long have you been AB: Whole life

Kinds Of Items You Have: Usually just diapers, looking to get lots more stuff in future though.

Comments: I'm looking for a fellow TBDL friend, someone who would be interested in meeting, wearing together and age playing together too.