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This page was last updated on: January 1, 2018

     Welcome to the AB/DL Directory for France. Below are the Adult AB/DL's in France. The Directory is Listed By State First (in red), then city. If the area you want is not listed below, that's because there are no current listings for people in that area. Thank you.

Name: Helen
Age: 32 (as of 2018)
Sex: Female
City: Clamart
Type: I Am Only A Mommy
How Long have you been a Mommy: 5 years

Kinds Of Items You Have: Mommy Helen has been a mommy for over 5 years and she has a dedicated play area for Babies. Feeding chair, crib, clothes, diapers baby toys and much more.

Comments: Babies are free to contact mommy. Mommy also loves group sitting.

Rhône-Alpes Auvergne
Name: Peter Daddy
Age: 51 (as of 2014)
Sex: Male
City: Lyon
Type: I Am A Daddy, AB and DL
How Long have you been AB/DL/Daddy: 51 years

Kinds Of Items You Have: I have a crib, a high-chair, a Playpen, a changing table, many clothes and babyish diapers, baby pants, a.s.o, and everything for a 24/7/366 babygirl. If Baby is "petite", (I hope about 5") I have a stroller for her !

Comments:  Everybody knows my nursery. Alas about everything is actually in boxes, ready to move, as I am, myself, since 5 years now! I am a well known Daddy from France, and you know probably my photographies. I would like to meet a AB girl to adopt for a long term relationship. Wherever you are, try to connect ! Hugs !