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This page was last updated on: August 18, 2013

     Welcome to the AB/DL Directory for Czech. Below are the Adult AB/DL's in Czech. The Directory is Listed By State First, then city. If the area you want is not listed below, that's because there are no current listings for people in that area. Thank you.

Name: Teddy Michal
Age: 60 (as of 2011)
Sex: Male
City: Praha
Type: I Am A AB and a DL
How Long have you been AB/DL: Since 1960 (51 Years)

Kinds Of Items You Have: Diapers fabric and one-off, PVC panties, children's bottle, ba-ba. Women's lower panties, points, tights, stockings with top zones, bras, skirts, trousers with my zipper on the side, tightening panties, PVC sheets on the bed, handcuffs, binky, paddles, etc.

Comments: I was submissive! I'm very glad I have lived with a feeling complete podřítenosti. Be humiliated nosením diapers 24/7 to the ban on use WC, and only's underwear, clothes.  Kept the strict discipline in the form orders, penalties and remuneration. Perform all domestic work. To that I was as follows is to be conducted mother from 9 years, do it like a girl. I was born with only one testicle. I was ashamed and a permanent fear mother of the use of my obedience, and when school physician that had found, and she gave a ticket to the hospital, she burned it and I ain't never let me go. Always said, "... You should have been better girl!" I was slim, a blond boy. The diapers discipline we had no idea. All I have learned in the last time from the Internet and surprise I can't even breathe! She gave me yourself pâtissier, where we were only two boys, otherwise all the girls. I'm now in the Cook. I'm sewing up, iron, clean, I'm buying, etc. very I'd like to complied wife, who wouldn't it could use the life-style. My nature is a form of regression of education in childhood although it may seem terrible, I don't feel that way. I wish, to continue the experience the same thing as much to me is sick.  I'm empathic, manually handy, and skilled. domluvim, English, German, Russian and Serbian But not good, because I don't have the possibility to talk to someone. I'm looking forward to the response. Michal